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#104482 please read of your are going to post looking for a bf/gf >.<

Posted by Hawt3m()Boi on 21 January 2012 - 04:07 PM

please please please please please dont post looking for a bf/gf >.> this isnt a dating site so dont treat it like one. if u have a question, post away but dont post looking for a bf/gf (i posted this cuz there has been a few topics like this recently and its been anoyying me >.<) - end rant

#96744 I think everyone needs to read this at least once

Posted by Mz. Hyde on 01 December 2011 - 03:18 PM

I just wanted to take the time to say that you're beautiful.

First off, if you're a guy reading this, you might be thinking "Pshh I'm not beautiful, I'm a guy." Let me stop you right there, mister. I've met plenty of beautiful guys. And I don't just mean in terms of looks. And ladies, I don't care what anyone says. You're beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you different. So what if people call you fat, ugly, anorexic, whore, slut, or anything else. You're still beautiful in your own way.

I honestly believe that everyone, no matter how ugly people say they are, or how ugly they say they are, is beautiful in some way or another. No matter your race, gender, appearance, sexuality, or personal history, you are gorgeous.

I know you're reading this and thinking "Well she must be talking about someone else because I'm not beautiful in any way." That is bullshit. I'm talking to you. You with the low self esteem. You, the self-loather. You, the victim of bullying or harsh words. You, the person in need of kind words. You, possibly close to taking your life on account of other peoples' words or actions.

I want you to look back at this topic whenever you need someone to tell you these things. Or pm me, I'm always here to listen, give advice, or even just show you kindness when you might not see any at all.

#87005 Rights of An Emo, WE ARE HUMAN

Posted by SuicideDoll on 10 October 2011 - 08:04 PM

I'm sick and tired of people who treat us emos like we're any less than human. I admit, most of us are weird social outcasts but that does not mean we do not feel. There are people out there who judge us without even bothering to talk to us twice, without getting to know us. People just go ahead and think that they can hurt us because we're emo and we don't feel. We should not be stared at like we're fucking crazy. If we're crazy we were made that way by the people who shunned us. Getting teased because of cuts on your wrists, that's NEVER funny. And yet some people laugh. My current soon to be step father, he jokes about me killing myself. Like it doesn't hurt me. You should never judge a person based on their.. I guess you could say lifestyle. It's wrong. People don't get it, their ignorant of our feelings. We SHOULD NOT have to wear jackets or long sleeves to cover up our cuts. We SHOULD NOT be forced into mental hospitals for expressing ourselves. Emo is not only a style, but an art. At least we're not going around killing people. At least we're finding a way that won't hurt others. If we want to die that's our business.The world is over populated anyway, let us be. Some people have hard lives and it needs to be accepted. No one should have to hide who they are. We will not say anything because we are silent and we have been silent for far too long.If people just talked to us, they might see that we're just like them except we have a different way of expressing ourselves. The teasing, the judging, the hating, the shunning, all that has to stop, because we the emos have the same rights as any normal human being.
So what if we don't love life?
Maybe we can't find a real reason to like it.
So what if cut ourselves?
Better than holding it all in till we kill someone.
So what if we commonly dress in all black?
That happens to be my favorite color.

Let us be, accept us for who we are. We love, we hate, we laugh, we feel pain.

We are emos.
We are us.

#76271 I Should Have Been A Father...

Posted by FleshEatingMellow on 24 August 2011 - 12:31 AM

Losing my infant son was the worst pain I have ever felt.. But the phone call I just received from the doctor telling me my baby's organs instantly saved two other baby's lives makes me somehow smile...

#95678 guys.....

Posted by sunny on 28 November 2011 - 05:09 AM

Guys who wear guy liner, skinnys,band tees, and listen to music along the line of alesana,BMTH,AA,blessthefall...and so one.....i think are attractive. I like the fact that they stand out and are different than others:P
My dad and all the other males in my family say "they are pussy's" ,"yeah ur gonna have to fight for them", "they wear more makeup than you"...... and when you show them a picture of what your trying to say they say "oh that a guy! i thought it was an ugly girl", "oh the picture goes to show that they have no balls, i see no bulge in there girl pants"

i think they are jealous! But it kinda hurts to see my family say thing like this

#56209 Short Stories

Posted by Cloud on 19 December 2010 - 11:04 AM

This one's called Breathe. It's a long short story, this is part of the first chapter. ^_^ Please rate it! 1: it sucks 2: ehh... 3: its ok. 4: It's pretty good. 5: It's awesome!
I got two chapters to write. Hope you all enjoy!


Shaking, I push the bar of the back door's gate open. Tears run down my cheeks as I am as silent as I can possibly be. I hate myself right now, I really do, for all the wrong I've caused. I can't blame it on the bipolar disorder. I never let it take control of me. So I'm completely wrong for hitting my mother, no matter how many times she hit me. She was the one that gave me breath to begin with. I deserved all the pain I got. So I slip out the back door and lock it behind me. It's time I end my meaningless existence. I run, hoping the clothing i put on as a cover-up would keep anyone from recognizing me. When I'm around the corner and out of sight from the house, I stop, panting in the deep cold and darkness of midnight winter. The gun is shoved deep in my pocket still, but my pants are so baggy I can barely feel the cold metal.
"Okay." I murmur to myself. Before I die, I must hear the sound of his voice one more time.. my Love. I want to tell him goodbye. My feet drag in the deep snow as I head towards the gas station. When I enter, the cashier, Sal, waves happily at me.
"New clothes, huh Sergeant?" He says in his heavy Arabic accent.
"Yeah.." Tears still roll down my face.
"What's wrong, Sergeant? Why you cry, huh?"
"Nothing. Can I use the phone, Sal?"
He frowns sadly and rubs his head.
"Sure, anything sweetheart."


I lay on my side playing with my pen, twirling it around on the floor. I'm soooo bored. The clock says 12:44 a.m. I wonder why I'm not asleep? Maybe it's because I still have her on my mind... eh, who am I kidding? She's crossed my mind once and haven't left it since. I miss her. Her mom made me leave at about 6:30 earlier. I knew they'd fought about something. I came downstairs and didn't see Aisa, so maybe they were in her mom's room talking it out? It'll be okay. I'll call her tomorrow when I know she's awake.
My cell rings and i jolt awake. The number is unknown to me, so I don't answer. Still it rings.. someone must really wanna talk to me cause it rang for a while. Annoyed, I answered it.
"Babe?" Aisa's voice is low on the other end.
"Baby, who's phone are you calling from?"
"You don't need to know that."
"Huh?" I sit up. I don't feel right, Aisa doesn't sound right. Something's wrong.
"I love you, babe." She says really low. She sounds like she's crying.
"Where are you?"
"I have to go."
"Wait, no. Don't. Tell me what's wrong." I stand, instinctively stepping into my shoes. She's silent for a moment.
"....I'm sorry babe, but maybe I'll see you again."
"Hold on, what??"
In the background I hear Sal and someone else talking. She's at the gas station.
"I'm leaving, babe," I hear her little sniffle.
"Where are you going?" I ask calmly, waiting for all of this to make sense.
"Away.. from home..."
So she's running away. What happened?
"If you leave, come see me, sweetheart. I'll keep you."
"No. I'm going to hell."
I'm taken aback when she says this. I couldn't imagine my sweet, cute angel in hell. She must be in a bad state of mind.
"Because it's time for me to die. I have to do it."
I slide on my coat and take my flashlight and a knife off my dresser.
"No, sweetheart, it's not that serious."
"I'm not good enough for this life, Eclipse."
I walk out the door and start briskly down the street.
"Will you go far away from me?" I ask her to keep her on the phone. The longer She talks to me, the more time I have to get to her.
"I just want you to know that I love you so much, but I don't deserve you. You deserve better."
"I love you, too, Aisa. But look, whatever happened, it'll pass. please don't leave home. This is just a phase, you'll get over it eventually. You're only sixteen. We both have full lives to live, and you have so much to live for."
"...I'm not gonna bring good to anyone here, Eclipse. I'm worthless."
"No, you're lying. You did me good. You gave me happiness and light, Beautiful. Faith. Doesn't that count?"
"Bye, babe. I love you."
"No. Keep on talking, baby, don't hang up."
"I hope you don't hate me."
"Aisa, if you hang up this phone, I WILL run after you."
She hung up. I close my phone, take a deep breath, and jet off as fast as I can. The ground is slippery, but I keep my footing. No time to waste. I run like I'll never tire out, and I won't until I'm with Aisa.


I'm running through an alley and suddenly I fall. The damn ground is so slippery. When I try to get up, i realize its not just the ice, its my leg. When I move it I feel the same aching pain I felt yesterday. Eclipse helped me get home when it gave out... now thinking of him, my heart burns with longing... I love him with all my heart and soul and he loves me just the same... why am i doing this to him? I shake this thought out of my head and pull myself until I'm under the stairs of an abandoned house. First I pray, for my family, for their happiness, for forgiveness and most of all, for my love, my moon.. My Eclipse. I pray that he will find love better than mine. I feel time flying, the cold smites my cheeks and fingertips. I feel so horrible I get nauseous. It's about that time. Slowly, I pull the gun from my left pocket and a single bullet from the other. I put it in the clip and it's loaded. Then i put it to my temple. I play a game of Russian Roulette with myself and I think of the old nursery rhyme I i used to sing so often, not only when the rain poured outside, but when the rain inside of me wouldn't stop.
Rain, rain...
Click. No bullet.
Go away...
Come again..
Another day......

#161196 What do you if you accidentally grab a 9 year olds bum?

Posted by Diddles on 11 April 2013 - 04:58 AM

Make direct eye contact and lick your lips slowly.

#99188 Team Edward Or Team Jacob:D

Posted by Soph on 13 December 2011 - 03:41 PM

I'm team "guy who almost crushed Bella with a car" :3

#73447 Straight Girl Sometimes Wishes to be a Gay Guy

Posted by MisTaken4Evrythng on 09 August 2011 - 12:11 AM

Ermm. I hope this is a good topic admin (as I've noticed you locked the first thread here).

So yeah, the title is true. I am in fact, a straight girl who wishes sometimes that she was a gay guy instead. Why? Because I find gay couples (especially emo gay couples) absolutely adorable. To me, it seems that their relationships consists of more romantic like stuff than anything I've ever been in. And I absolutely dig emo guys who are in touch with their feminine side (sensitive, make-up, etc.) I'm dying to find a guy like this to love, but it seems that everyone of them are either taken by another very lucky girl or their gay. :(

I mean, I'm not the type of person who would change who I am sexually, but I always wonder what it is like to be a guy. Curiosity I guess. Am I alone here? I sure hope not. //_-

#151580 HOPEFULLY a final take on the retarded BOTDF fans and other useless emos...

Posted by EvilActivity on 19 December 2012 - 05:56 PM

BOTDF encourages fans to flash them and send "n00dz."

Send thoze n00dz And make me drool. . . Cut the shit Show your tits. -lyrics from sexting...

But even when the loyal fans do as asked they gang up and shame them for it....

So Waht? They Write Music About Sex. Okay? Who Gives A Shit Its not Like They Are Making Us Do Anything They Are Just Lyrics. And How's It Botdf's Fault If it Gets To The Ears Of 9 year Olds? Its not Like Its Porn Or Something. . . If She Knows To Post Noodz, Cuss People Out Like That, And Create All This Unnecessary Drama Then She's Getting What She Deserves. -Jayycandii on Jessie slaugther

Dahvie has a cult-like fan following of 10-15 year old girls who think he is jesus and agree with everything he says. Just like every other false messiah, he molest the kids in his flock. And they like it appreantly...

Posted Image

During the fight to unite tour, Dahvie couldn't keep his cumstained hands off all the underage dumb scene girls that were brainwashed into sucking his untalented cock, he decided to fuck one of his retarded fanns in the back of a car. Apparently the cumdumpster decided to reveal this information to the internetz because the scenefag wouldn't respond to her attention whoring tweets to him.

His fancult of course went apeshit...

If his retarded ass fans follow his songs of Anti bullying and suicide pervention then what the fuck is this.... ?

Posted Image

Yeah BOTDF sure fucking showed you about anti bullying and tolerenace. Face it you BOTDF fans are hate machines suicide/rape enthusiast.

You: But he inspires me everday!!
Me: bitch i'm talking here....
You: he is the reason I'm alive!!!
Me: well I hope your dream of fucking him never comes true, thus his fans will make you wish you where dead ironic isn't it?
Me: I'm making a point here and you're rationalizing an unhealthy mindset....
Me: Are you not the one who wanted to die? Oh right you wont die now because of the scene whale you worship you want to be live and send him noodz and violently choke on his "ice cream"

Posted Image
Greasy pedoman likes to be molested...

Posted Image
All the retarded scene bitches wanna fuck this scene landwhale.... you would fuck him? is this smexy to you? No seriously what the fuck is wrong with you? *VOMITS* ugh... you're nasty... you're fucking sick and nasty! You disgusting bitches.

Got a monster in my pants / And if you ever get the chance / Gonna cram it down your throat / Watch you gasp for air and choke/ I'm gonna jizz all in your face / I'm gonna wreck this fucking place / Pull my hair, smash the chair / Break the bed and give me head.

-Lyrics from scream for my ice cream... (his fan are 12 to 15.... so.... how pedo rapist is that?) Smash the chair....? Really? REALLY?!

*VOMITS AGAIN* Ugh, that's you fantasy?! A 14 year old and this freak? And people still think honey boo boo is the sickest thing ever....

At this point i'm known to have the worst reputaion and of course I really don't give a shit, I'm not gonna walk on egg shells to please anybody. So go rape that little red arrow button all you want... write about how only BOTDF understands you, and idk... make another thread about having me banned. yadda yadda. What do I care what rape enthusiast think of my staments? I'm tired of all of you saying you are individuals and unique and yet you just write the same fucking BOTDF worship dribble everyday. Or get bitchy and try to convert the anti BOTDF. They say your band IS NOT GOD, You wont listen to reason.

You are not individuals, you are clones, you have nothing interesting going on in your life, you ROLL with the mass. The name BOTDF rolls out of your lips cause it sends everyone running to your thread. Your screen name and photo is supose to be a depiction of yourself. That fact that you toss monroe, vanity... or what ever the fuck else related into your profile proves your a stupid shitty piece of fandom. It's not love it's a sick obssession and an attempt to fit in.

I literally can not live without air. Do you see me with a big group of people making the... "I FUCKING LOVE AND CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT AIR AND BREATHING!"

can you imagine...??


They been around since 2006. The majority of you where most likely 10? 11 at the time...? Go dedicate your life to something else already. Be somebody and not part of somebody else.

Ps heres are your likely reactions to this post so that you don't have to bother posting anything. Blah blah blah.

Posted Image

No really don't be a hero in the eyes of your BOTDF internet "frendz' and post in defense, mostly cause the mods hate it when i get alot of replys and post feeds. If you wanna get mod trolled and spamed with more anti BOTDF pics it's on your ass. It would be better for your already weak metal stability if you read shrug and just shut the fuck up and not make anymore BOTDF threads now that you came to the conclusion how annoying as fuck you are, and learn from it. Cause Idc if they troll you. I don't even care if they troll me and I hapen to like me. I dont like you so... your on your own.

Again I don't give a shit. You wanna post feel free, It's just a warning for your own well being and the protection of your precious little reputation. You know, the one you built up because you wrote some tiny little sentences or lyrics pity story, a piece of advice to a pity story, and someone who wrote the same exact thing liked it... blah blah blah. I could write "Aww i understand your pain" in every damn post I would probably have more likes but i don't so i wont.... like sparing two seconds to type that tiny shit is gonna save anyone, and fuck you if you think it does. Why don't you really be usefu and tell them to get therapy? tell them to take thier meds? Tell them they are not gonna die if they can't get thier hair perfect, What are you a miracle typer? With healing typing abilitues? You know you do it to look good... social climbing mother fuckers.

And to the stupid bitch who complained via mail about my "disturbed" thread in the peotry section, Yeah I use the same one over and over again! SO? I have unlimited space to store all my stories in one file! Why the fuck would i keep opening a new thread and make individual threads every time i have a new poem or story or what ever the fuck? I don't need my poems to be in different threads! You know that everytime a new thread is made it pops up in the "most recent new topic" space. No body needs to see my poems in a new topic every fucking day. Nor do i want them too. The whole "new topic" shit I think should be resevered for those little emergency bloggers that want to make sure they are noticed and everyone is highly aware thier topic is NEW and at the top where they can be seen! You wanna make an invidual thread for every piece of fucking poetry thats not gonna have all that many reply, so you decided to make a new whole thread and have the same out come again and again you go ahead and do that and leave me the fuck alone. I don't want to have 20+ poetry or music threads that cover the same thing over and over I will use my old one and add to it, It's not like i'm gonna run out of space, thats that so fuck you.

#70004 Cutting? Please read...

Posted by AngelofLight on 19 May 2011 - 05:15 PM

If you hav ever thought about cutting or do cut.... Just dont. It only adds physical pain to your emotional turmoil and all your left with is more pain than what your started with.... Cutting doesn help anything... If your sad or depressed then i suggest letting out your feelings some other way... I have cut a few times but then i discovered sometjing.... Most people have forgotten how to cry. When we were little what did yoi do when you were sad? We didnt cut ourselves... We cried... And i think we should cry more... Just lock yourself in your room and cry as hard as you can and as long as possible... It really takes energy and when you cant cry anymore youll feel better... I personally pray the rosary when im not happy about something but im assuming most people on here arent Catholics?? Anyways... Cutting isnt a solution... Its just another problem. And taking your own life is too, everyones life affects at least one person in some way... Dont let those people down... They love you and would never dream of losing you... Thats all i have to say... I hope i have helped at least one person by writing this...

#116266 please read of your are going to post looking for a bf/gf >.<

Posted by EmoFromTottenham on 08 April 2012 - 10:40 PM

Seriously, this isn't good.

Emo's use this website. We can often be very emotional and sensitive people.

As an emo myself, my depression is caused a lot by the absence of a significant other.

My advice? Make a dating section for this forum. I don't see why anyone should deny anyone of having love, a precious thing we all need.

#105439 people keep calling me goth!

Posted by endofgreen15 on 29 January 2012 - 10:03 AM

lol *facepalm* Why do you get all emotional when people label you? Who the fuck cares. Just be yourself.

#151596 HOPEFULLY a final take on the retarded BOTDF fans and other useless emos...

Posted by endofgreen15 on 19 December 2012 - 10:07 PM

Jesus fucking christ.........YOU HAVE TOOOOOOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS!!!!!!

#120135 Whats so great about BVB?

Posted by Guest on 03 May 2012 - 02:06 AM

I don't understand why you assume everyone on here loves them. Plenty of people here don't and I think you'll find the majority of the oldies hate them.

#90584 ******Difference Between Emo and Goth******

Posted by Dante on 23 October 2011 - 06:18 PM

So stereotypical it hurts my heart.

So to sum it up easily;
Cutters - people who cut, has nothing to do with emo even though it's common people in this lifestyle do it or have done it.
Emo Scene - Emo fashion, lots of black and neon, usually short haircuts spiked.
Scene - Scene fashion, big hair, lots of colours, not much black.
Goth - Alternative style, mainly black clothes though it can be put down in many sub fashions, it's also a music genre.
Emo music - Emotional hardcore.

I just like emo fashion.
My sister is Goth, she'd be mad seeing this. There's a high number of goths that don't smoke drink or do drugs, actually. . . people say most of them don't.

#70040 Cutting? Please read...

Posted by SomeHeartlessVampireDude on 20 May 2011 - 09:13 PM

I understand what your saying, but cutting is somthing that relievesme of my pain. how can i give it up and let the turmoil return?

#158486 Who has lost their virginity?

Posted by XxPocketSizedEmoVampirexX on 07 March 2013 - 09:34 AM

im a virgin n will be for fucking ages xD

im waaaaaay to shy to do it..


id be like


-guy touches me-



-touches me again-



-shows himself to me-









yeah i wont be very good in the bedroom if i freeze up, turn into a tomato n die before anything happens...

#124383 ready for sex?

Posted by on 31 May 2012 - 07:12 AM

My 2cents:

If you can't form a proper sentence, don't you dare even attempt to procreate. We need to raise the average IQ of our gene pool.

#104493 please read of your are going to post looking for a bf/gf >.<

Posted by lostandconfused on 21 January 2012 - 07:18 PM

So it's not just me who thinks like this!? Cool beans!