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    • Omg thank you. Just be nice to each other here right
    • Hi im tiffany im looking for friends in florida near or in the treasure coast area 18 plus. Im 27 and have very mild autism i love music gameing animals concerts. Im wiccan and was not born into it i left christianity for wicca when i was 20 and really enjoy it. I live with my family. Cant affored to live on my own cant work do to being autistic. But regardless i still am looking i cant drive cause i have trouble consentrating. I have a bunny shes my baby her names angel. If you wanna get to know me and be friends let me know and ill give you my kik or facebook. 
    • I lost the case again for custody of all 3 of my halfbrothers children. (he was falsely imprisoned by his ex wife. She moved another man into their home that HE owns since our father's my stepfathers death.) But Ashlynn got emancipated. So i'm pleased she's coming to live with me by choice. It was an emotionally and finacially draining struggle trying to reason with the courts that her constant running away wasn't because she was troubled. We're not fully out of the woods yet but now im laying low on the fight for my brother's children so i can recover my financial loses. Though also Tanner reached out to me upon hearing of my semi-lose. Our relationship is a complicated one. I ended it 4 years ago because i was sure i was going to win my nieces. He was an older man of 42 with a 17 year old daugther, so he was already finished raising his child. I wasn't going to drag him down in my prusuit of children and a family. Seems he's had fun and freedom and yet he feels old and unaccomplished. I can relate but reconnecting romantically certainly isn't in my plans now that i'm engaged to Jimmy. Even if i made up my mind it still weighs on me because break ups that happen on good terms are the ones that make me look over my shoulders more than the worst ones since that had been the case with Jimmy. I suck at these situations of managing between family emergencies and the men in my life. It could never feel like i'm allowed have both. If i can't then i'm an aunt for the long haul. If they dont appreciate it, they know where the door is. I'm tired. I have something to show for my sacrifies like not settleing down in all these years, selling my home, not returning to Westminster, but i'm still tired before i even got to really become a gaurdian. 
    • okay lets get this straight...
      * I used to be emo..but that was in high school when I was 16 and a boring freshman, now i'm 19 and a boring gold fish
      * I listen to country music, it makes me happy
      * I joined this website thing because I want to make some new friends
      * I DO NOT SEND NUDES OR TALK ABOUT SEX SO IF YOU ASK FOR NUDES YOUR FEELINGS WILL GET HURT...and if you send nudes and expect a response and don't get one that's all on you not me 
      * I don't cut myself (anymore)
      * yes I have other social media accounts 
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