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  3. It's been 3 years since I've been on here and probably 6since properly using it hello people 


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  7. Hmm.... Drink, eat my fav meal and play games, yeah probably mostly it for me lol
  8. Naruto, dbz, one punch, death note, soul eater,, hellsing and Fullmetal Alchemy
  9. instagram.com/asoftcreature
  10. I have to agree with Flo, I'm the same way on that.
  11. Hey something funny I think that due to me not bitching about being alone found me the man I'm with and I'm proud that even 4 months in were still in love with each other and in this time it's hard to find that so anyone struggling just stick in there

  12. I would like to delete my attachments, there's nothing really interesting there.
  13. Alive, but not living...Lol
  14. Why not both? Though I'm fond of pyromancy myself. Say, there are two doors. One is tainted, but there's light in it. The other looks quite fancy, but it's dark in it. Would you rather go the fancy door or the tainted one?
  15. Have to ask the admin to delete them for you
  16. I made this account in 2014 and there are pictures that I really don’t want resurfacing. Is there a way to delete them?
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