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  4. I want to be emo but my parents are Christian.How can I be emo without them getting mad?
  5. Yeah, pretty much the definition of dead but i still pop on the site every few months just for the nostalgia, was pretty amazing when the IP chat and original face of the site was still up but oh well
  6. Hi EmoPuddlers! Is it totally dead here? If anyone is still using it, you're AWESOME! Reply to this if you are. It's too bad if this place if forgotten, EmoPuddle is very nostalgic to me.
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  8. Frank

    Happy 2020

    Yeah, same to you my friend
  9. Emojoint

    Happy 2020

    Love and miss u Frank
  10. Frank

    Happy 2020

    Yup this place it's pretty much dead. Please don't get infected with the COVID-19. Xoxoxo
  11. You guys always have cool themes for those who love taking photos!
  12. Found this site in my old emails, i have no recollection but hi 

  13. asoftcreature


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  14. It's been 3 years since I've been on here and probably 6since properly using it hello people 


  15. asoftcreature


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  16. twitter.com/asoftcreature
  17. Hmm.... Drink, eat my fav meal and play games, yeah probably mostly it for me lol
  18. Naruto, dbz, one punch, death note, soul eater,, hellsing and Fullmetal Alchemy
  19. instagram.com/asoftcreature
  20. I have to agree with Flo, I'm the same way on that.
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