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  3. Hey so like anyone wanna be friends?!!! I don’t have an in lie real life cuz most people are judgy asf or st least where I live!! Add me on Snapchat Ashton.t3
  4. Ash

    So. Friends.

    Girl same! Amosc Ashton.t3
  5. Ash

    Vampire or Werewolf?

    Definitely werewolf but vampires r nice too I don’t discriminate
  6. waruihito

    Henlo :3

    Anyone wanna talk? :3
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  8. SamsHorrorStory


    I have a few of their older albums. I haven't yet listened to the new album yet. I'll check it out.
  9. Believe me I know I have sunk pretty low....But whatever I have done you deserved....I'm the bad guy that's fine. It's no fault of mine.....some justtice at last will be served. Now it is time to step up or it is time to back down...and there is only one answer for me...I will stand up and fight because I know that I'm right. I'm ready as I will ever be. I will make them hear me.

  10. Been away from here for a long time...its dead here. This place used to get me through a lot. 

  11. XxXDemonicXEllieXxX


    just some pics of me
  12. So, you can't delete comments apparently so that sucks... I'll figure it out I guess

  13. So apparently, younger me was a lot more open than I am now? I'm going through my page and deleting a lot of my stuff

  14. professor_snape

    FINALLY done my Side Cut

    Omg thank you. Just be nice to each other here right
  15. professor_snape

    wolf tail

    Lol my 2015 comment was rude af but yours just doesn't even make sense. I don't use Photoshop on my pics, and didn't call you a whore either. You too, have a good day You look good though. Can't even remember that I wrote that shit
  16. Dom4YngrNYC

    Who wants to party!

  17. Emoprincess666

    Looking for friends in florida

    Hi im tiffany im looking for friends in florida near or in the treasure coast area 18 plus. Im 27 and have very mild autism i love music gameing animals concerts. Im wiccan and was not born into it i left christianity for wicca when i was 20 and really enjoy it. I live with my family. Cant affored to live on my own cant work do to being autistic. But regardless i still am looking i cant drive cause i have trouble consentrating. I have a bunny shes my baby her names angel. If you wanna get to know me and be friends let me know and ill give you my kik or facebook.
  18. The world of PeArLy


  19. EvilActivity

    Ash got emancipated.

    I lost the case again for custody of all 3 of my halfbrothers children. (he was falsely imprisoned by his ex wife. She moved another man into their home that HE owns since our father's my stepfathers death.) But Ashlynn got emancipated. So i'm pleased she's coming to live with me by choice. It was an emotionally and finacially draining struggle trying to reason with the courts that her constant running away wasn't because she was troubled. We're not fully out of the woods yet but now im laying low on the fight for my brother's children so i can recover my financial loses. Though also Tanner reached out to me upon hearing of my semi-lose. Our relationship is a complicated one. I ended it 4 years ago because i was sure i was going to win my nieces. He was an older man of 42 with a 17 year old daugther, so he was already finished raising his child. I wasn't going to drag him down in my prusuit of children and a family. Seems he's had fun and freedom and yet he feels old and unaccomplished. I can relate but reconnecting romantically certainly isn't in my plans now that i'm engaged to Jimmy. Even if i made up my mind it still weighs on me because break ups that happen on good terms are the ones that make me look over my shoulders more than the worst ones since that had been the case with Jimmy. I suck at these situations of managing between family emergencies and the men in my life. It could never feel like i'm allowed have both. If i can't then i'm an aunt for the long haul. If they dont appreciate it, they know where the door is. I'm tired. I have something to show for my sacrifies like not settleing down in all these years, selling my home, not returning to Westminster, but i'm still tired before i even got to really become a gaurdian.
  20. any one still get on this be n along time  

  21. Te'Shanna Jones

    about me

    okay lets get this straight... * I used to be emo..but that was in high school when I was 16 and a boring freshman, now i'm 19 and a boring gold fish * I listen to country music, it makes me happy * I joined this website thing because I want to make some new friends * I DO NOT SEND NUDES OR TALK ABOUT SEX SO IF YOU ASK FOR NUDES YOUR FEELINGS WILL GET HURT...and if you send nudes and expect a response and don't get one that's all on you not me * I don't cut myself (anymore) * yes I have other social media accounts
  22. EvilActivity

    Donuts, bad accents, pig parties and other ventures

    4 8 Skip 4, uno! "Why do girls take forever getting ready?" "I don't know... Draw two." How do you not know you're a girl... Jimmy, Connor and Nick all look at me and snicker behind their cards. "Well, i'm not a girl girl.. So... Shut up, yall known me for years now." This was Conners basement. The base of pot smoking indie music and board games. And on occasion we set up the madden football game down here. Nick was a friend as was jimmy but Jimmy was also conner's step cousin. The nephew of conner's step dad. Jimmy was here for vacation from Georgia and he only hung with us for maybe 3 or 4 times. Jimmy was a timid feller from the country with a southern accent and mannerism. The girls where here as well 4 in total, not including me, all sharing the huge second bathroom upstairs. Conner's mom had this huge wide bathroom with studio sized vanity mirror above her dual sinks. The sinks where so far apart you couldn't touch elbows brushing your teeth if you tried. The girls loved that room. It use to be a place to just lounge and smoke but once everyone got to that dating phase it's just been the personal dressing room. The smell of weed and different perfumes infusing made us ill so we gracefully accepted the loss of our cozy house nook and retreated to the male cave. Conner pretty much ran the home as he wanted because his parents where flight attendants. They where barely ever home. They travel to many exotic and exciting places. As did conner but he needed to stay close to home to host his cousin's stay. He also wanted to keep his head down for awhile so his currant girlfriend didn't become too suspicious of his "sleeping around the world mission." "Well it's been like 3 games of uno and they aren't done yet..." "Uno doesn't take that long to play though." "Well you just got here Nick. We've been playing Jenga earlier." "Yas said something about curling her hair." "Can someone go see why they are taking so fucking long." Typical everyone looked at me. "Ugh fine... I felt like getting high off nail varnish anyway..." -------- The girls where Yasmine whom was dating conner for 3 months though they been acquainted for two years, cynthia, is nick's Current "rebound/secondary girlfriend." they only recently started dating again though nobody knows if he really called it quits with his long distance girlfriend from California. Out here in Conneticut though Yasmine was his girlfriend. And finally the two most interesting sisters Zoey and Samantha. These two are a set of very rare bi-racial twins. Samantha dated Hector and zoey was simply paired with Macho for the occasion. Both whom where already at the destination we planned to take off to. They were identical except for the fact that Zoey's skin pigment didn't blend too well in the womb so she had splooches of discolored milky skin over her light cocoa complexion, or vitiligo. Samantha was flawless. It certainly made all the difference in how people interacted with them. (But more of that later.) "Knock knock.... You bitches almost done in there. Hector texted us twice now." "Okay willow! Almost done." I had taken off but returned to the hallway upstairs again to see if i could borrow a phone as i was currently low in minutes (2009 has a shitty cellphone era.) i hadn't intended to over hear anything incriminating about me but when i heard my name from Cynthia's mouth i pretty much became invested in eaves dropping. "That's way out of line! Willow just gets on my damn nerves! Just cause she's short and shit but... She jumped on Nick's back for a piggy back ride that one time.. Remember?" What's the big deal, i horse around with him all the time..... "Yeah you just don't jump on another chicks boyfriend like that, it's just not cool... I wonder whose lap she'll sit on in the car ride this time..." We're taking two cars you drama queen... "You guys are over exaggerating... Willow is like a little sister to the guys." Thank you Zoey. Samantha threw her two cents in too. "Yasmine, your problem is with Conner. He had another girl in a couple other states so you..." "Shut the hell up.. Seriously..." "Mmhm... See that... You don't want people to tell you how it is so you try and hang willow out to dry." "Whatever... Piss off already... Let it go.. You think I'm worried? Willows not all that pretty and i still wonder myself if she's a closet lesbo of something..." "Doesn't wear make up, doesn't fix her hair, Wears her brother clothes, and shes so short! Flat chested." It was all just Yas and Cynthia now. The twins where silent aside from asking for the twezzers or more hair spray. My face was on fire so badly i could kick the damn door down but i didn't want to detere the plans to chavos. "So that Jimmy kid, he's kinda cute huh?" "Yeah he doesn't have a girlfriend back home so i think he's waiting on some summer hook up scenario or something." "Well willow is the only girl that's single too i think she's been getting lumped with him to even out the boy-girl ratio." "Well she's single and hooks up with people." " A nice country guy like him? Totally wasted on her. I feel bad. Conner could have done better with the other girls he keeps on the back burner... But then of course i'd have to beat their asses if i saw them haha." "No i think he's lucky it's willow. A friend of macho's, that dude named steve... She blew him. " "Well damn... I heard stories but she doesn't even look the type.. I've never gone down on a guy..." "Me either..." "Never gonna happen..." "I'm still waiting for the right guy... I mean id have to seriously be attached to someone to even consider that." "Okay so maybe willow is legit an issue after all... We don't suck dick... She does. Maybe that's why the guys keep her little tomboy ass around..." Yeah sure that must be it... It's so not because i supply the pot, play Madden football, supply the extra guitar hero devices or a bunch of other interest that connects me to my friends... "Yasmine seriously... You are out of your damn mind. You outta chill... She's been friends with them before you were even relevant" That's right Zoey throw them some truths. "I'm just saying... If we can't do it, they'll find another hoe that will... And Her head game has got to be spot on to compete with this." Okay bitch.... It's on... I'll play some head game's with you... ------------------- I slowly took my seat back downstairs. "Another game guys" "So, are they almost ready? Macho and Hector are already at Chavos. They texted like 4 times." "Oh, i'm not sure i mean they keep saying 5 more minutes each time i asked before so...hold on... Is there any more sodas?" I was very certain of the timing and it was pretty close. I placed my hand to my forehead and got up weakly. "My blood sugar feels low." Conner is the first to get up and shuffle over beside me. " You okay, did you bring your glucose tablets? Nick go get her a root beer or something." Jimmy is looking confused. "What's the matter? Oh my goodness, this girls bout to faint." "She is hypoglycemic. She has a condition that burns sugar from her system pretty fast she just needs more sugar." "Your face is red. Can you breath okay?" I sit in the sofa with Nick and nurse my root beer. "I'll be okay... I just need a minute. " --------------- "Y'all ready for Chavos guys?! The girls are suddenly clustering at the entrance way of the basement stairs. Nick and Jimmy didn't have much enthusiasm to respond right away but said "yes" and "whatever sure." Yasmine stomped over in her clicky high heels oddly to see if she really was seeing me with my head nested on conner's knee. His hand stroking my hair gently to soothe my pretend discomfort. She said nothing but her face noted her exasperated mood. "I'm not going, I'm gonna make sure willow gets home okay." I shook my head at conner. "I already told you, i can get home myself." Cynthia approaches me with her huge botox looking grin. "Aww baby what happened?" She gives me a loose hug. God she bathed in perfume... "I just have a migraine. I have hypoglycemia... I'm gonna go home in a bit ." "Yas, take my keys you can drive the second car. I'm gonna walk willow home." Conner gets up and braces me around the shoulder he makes no attempt to kiss yasmine back as we walk past her. Look whose blowing who off now.... Yas and cynthia would not have this but they made a civil approach. "Nick she had something to drink right? Her sugar should be stabilizing...." "That's not for you to say! Maybe if some people didn't take so fucking long getting ready!" Conner was visibly upset and everyone backed off and took upstairs to get situated in the two vehicles without another protest. We followed up the stairs closely and i said my apologies to jimmy. He seemed confused and replied that he hoped i felt better latter. We separated from the front door of the house as conner locked it. Zoey gives me a kiss. "You gonna be okay.... Do you want me to bring you back some wings or ribs?" "I'd like that. Thanks..." "Call me or samantha if anything." Zoey and Sam certainly are my friends. I feel bad for making them worry. Ashamed that i stuped to this level of head game's... And not the kind yas was worried about. Yas isn't worthy of Conner. I'm on a war path now. Burn you slag... Burn!!! "Will, you're even more red! Are you having an allergic reaction?!" "Oh um no.... Well.. I got spritzed with a lot of perfume upstairs... It really congested me." "It really drives me up the wall that yas wears so much fucking perfume... Damn it... Let's get you home in one peace." Burn...
  23. Chyna Sky

    I'm not excited about being engaged.

    Well, just always remember the kids are first always...You gotta do what you gotta do, it sounds like you got your head on straight to me....
  24. "Sweet Child of Mine" by Guns-n-Roses
  25. Chyna Sky

    Black Veil Brides

    I love Black Veil Brides---which reminds me, I need to listen to the one cd I have of theirs!!!
  26. Chyna Sky

    Whats your fav? - Games

    Tetris will always be my favorite video game...
  27. Chyna Sky

    Who has lost their virginity?

    I lost mine when I was 17 (many years ago)....I told myself I was giving it to someone I was in love with, not just any man..but, I still felt guilty about it later...
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