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  2. MagentaMysticalRose

    Is anyone alive? :P

    Yes, I'm still around and check this site every so often.
  3. MagentaMysticalRose

    So. Friends.

    If you'd like to talk, send me a pm.
  4. whoa.. .-. its been a long time since ive been on here.. 

  5. Earlier
  6. Also “one more light” by Linkin Park cause I’m miss Chester and i heard that song for the first time the night he killed himself
  7. Welcome to the black parade- my chemical romance, cancer- my chemical romance, viva la vida- Coldplay,
  8. Emojoint

    Active Forum Members?


    Active Forum Members?

    Hi! I'm an emopuddle veteran here with a new account just so I can get a taste of that sweet sweet nostalgia. Checked announcements and heard about some sort of revival? Which, tbh, sounds pretty rad. XP So, if there are any active members giving this a look, reply! It'd be nice to get a little group of people who still check up on this website and maybe try to invite some people old and new. I miss this place xoxo
  10. Dori

    Suicide Room

    I’ve seen it In all honesty, I think they want an important message to be there, but it isn’t. I think people took it the wrong way. It’s supposed to discourage suicide, yet the “tumblr kids” got ahold of it, like everything else, and made the depressed people even more depressed. Yes, I didn’t like it. Don’t come at me, hear me out. They’re idea of suicide cults was what threw me off. They’re horrible, convincing people to kill themselves. Yet, in this movie they show them as loving friends. I used to like it, until I went through similar things.
  11. Dori

    Whats your fav? - TV shows

    Merlin is a first by far. I’m currently watching dexter, and plan to watch vampire diaries. I know, I’m late, but so far dexter is really good. I want to find some good fantasy to watch at some point.
  12. Dori

    Whats your fav? - Movies

    I don’t feel ashamed, I love twilight and the series. The underworld series is an extremely close second.
  13. Dori

    Whats your fav? - Games

    I LOVE Tomb Raider. It was the first game series I got into. It started my gaming life, and I hold a very special spot in my heart for it. When they did the reboot, I have to admit I was upset for them leaving so many questions. I still enjoy the games though.
  14. corco90


    Love the hair.
  15. MY Head hurts my heart hurts im idk anymore

  16. Scribe

    TV vs Streaming

    AdBlock is a very nice feature, that and digital content usually just gets to the point either way, maybe the occasional banner advertising a new series or something.
  17. admin

    TV vs Streaming

    hulu, plex, and netflix. why bother with TV? having all the streaming services is still cheaper and less ads.
  18. Emojoint

    Trump and You

    And you got your old acc back, clutch
  19. Emojoint

    Trump and You

    I don't think there's a way to reverse it
  20. Diddles

    Trump and You

    What you're saying is we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children? lmao :^)
  21. well it looks like im back on here now hmmm odd how many years has it been

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    2. Xxscars&heartzxX


      i guess after all its been idk how long i still do the same things i did then just more adult about it 

    3. Emojoint


      Yeah, Dell's planning on bringing the site back because it's been dead for so long the chat's now a discord IP chat's gone should be exciting i'm sure you were like in high school when you made an acc like me

    4. Xxscars&heartzxX


      yes i was i was like 14 15 

  22. admin

    Henlo :3

    join us in the chat? http://emo.chat ?
  23. Emojoint

    Trump and You

    Immigration is causing the Spanish population to take over the us they're starting to outnumber the caucasians & the blacks Lol illegal immigratiln hooked with the fact every family likes to have like 9 kids the whole us is gonna be latino by 2040 guaranteed Mr scribe
  24. Scribe

    Trump and You

    From the same people that talk about how immigrants are good and not liking them is racist - they sure do love attacking the first lady and mocking her accent.
  25. This update is more like it lol

  26. Emojoint

    Trump and You

    If you ask someone why they dislike Trump the go to answer is usually because he's a racist or that he doesn't care about his wife Lol
  27. JustYourAverageEmoGirl

    Vampire or Werewolf?

    Vampires mah boi
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