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  2. This username has aged like milk, since I am no longer hot, emo, or a boy

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    New blog feature?

    There's a new blog thing. If you can figure it out, neat.
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    Active Forum Members?

    Join the discord? Click the chat link on the website. http://emo.chat <- this link works too :3
  5. EvilActivity

    Donuts, bad accents, pig parties and other ventures

    My stepsister Meredith was assigned a participation role in her uncle's trophy hunting seminar. it was hosted by different members at-least twice a year. I luckily got the okay to wear my teal Saree to it. I had it for sometime since i was 14, but there was never an occasion i could wear it to. A traditional Indian garment just didn't seem to fit in with the high breed socialite scene. Finally i was pleased to wear it, not so much to dazzle but to distance myself from much of my stepfathers side of the family. These events never made me comfortable. People point, people whisper about the adopted Daughter, they compare, they feel a sense of self gratitude offering their open arms like they are doing me a favor and then opening up about it so publicly for the admiration of others. while i may very well care for my step and half siblings, attending these things was a milder form of walking on glass for them. When one is a female trophy hunter, it is of the utmost crowning achievement to such families. it is very difficult to get on the registry to even participate in an auction for a high priority animal. Meredith was excited to see her first hunt because she was very much behind all her older cousins who had between 1 to 3 claimed trophy's. If she could at least have her first, she could claim her right of passage. i had my doubts that she'd be ready, she's only ever accompanied relatives on safari's and hunts, she had no skill but she seemed more concerned with having just the bragging rights of the experience. She was gushing like the sorority girl she genuinely was at our table of 5. her and i who have yet to have a hunt and her relatives of similar ages to us. "I wonder what the auction animal is gonna be. They said the location was New Guinea?" "Lucky break, the last trophy i did was in the arctic...it was a rouge walrus attacking too many penguins in the breeding grounds. " "Willow are you gonna be in the auction too?" "Nope, i'm just contributing to the conservation of the lemurs and the eating of this buffet. and the drinking of this wine... wow, did we finish 3 bottles at this table already?" "if it's a predator animal i'm pretty interested. if not i can let Meredith go ahead and slide into it. she's still just a fledgling and shit" "Shut up Christopher.... if i get this one we'd be tied" " i think one of the coordinators said it was an albino water buffalo. but there is also this lion that got castrated by a honey badger. it keeps killing cubs from other prides, they are giving us the albino trophy but the lion trophy is getting auctioned in Chicago, " "An albino that grew into adult hood in the wild? that really is a high priority." "Awww but albino animals are so pretty and rare." "But if we let them breed the off spring will be mutated, a male water buffalo could father up to 12 calf's per mating season. you don't want mutated genes spreading through the entire species." "I know, that. I pay attention to the conservation logs. they're still are pretty... but i totally understand these mutations are causing them to suffer internally and they aren't very immune to many illness." "And that's why you're so likable Willow, you keep and open mind about these things." i could feel a hand on my lap. i didn't try to look in the general direction of touchy-Magee. it's not like he was my cousin but what totally disregard. "well.. yeah being an animal lover means appreciating the protection and welfare of animals as a species, not just one individual animals that has to be sacrificed..." "exactly, we're not poachers that are hunting illegal and thinning out the species, we pay a lot of money to make sure the lands are protected from constructions tearing trees down too. whats he trying to do now... he seems to be struggling with location of the helm. fucking idiot....i'm wearing a saree, he can't climb into my skin with this fabric shield like it was a common dress... there was still no lack or trying as this creep was staring me dead in the eyes in this idle conversation as if he wasn't trying to poke and pry his fingers through my clothing. I've had about enough of it. "we'll never be better than animals, when some of us are being PIGS." He immediately drew both hands upon the napkin in-front of him and cleared his throat wearily. There was an exchange of questionable looks around the table including Meredith i had to excuse myself from making a scene, and hide out in the bathroom for the remainder of the event. No one really bothered to check on me. i would later hear that i was making a horrid tantrum over being jealous of Meredith success in the auction. i would later other things after that.
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    Active Forum Members?

    Oh Lord, I haven't been on here in ages and my profile picture shows me exactly how long 😭😭
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    Active Forum Members?

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    Is anyone alive? :P

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  10. professor_snape

    What is your sexual orientation and what gender are you?

    I'm a proud woman and I think I am straight. Really not that sure about my sexuality so I'd rather not label that too much 😄
  11. xXxXEntranceScardenXxXx

    What is your sexual orientation and what gender are you?

    Gay Male
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    guys with long hair (not so much a turn on as it is a requirement, for me to be attracted to someone) someone who can be dominant someone who doesn't have to be dominant being compassionate, especially carrying the weight of the world on one's shoulders a guy who can understand me
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    Gay emo guys

    Ey, how ya doin'?
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    please read of your are going to post looking for a bf/gf >.<

    What if you don't know HOW to find someone to date? I don't know if I'm looking in the right places when I'm offline or online, and I'm having serious trouble here.

    Is anyone alive? :P

    I'm new lmao
  16. Lmao I hope this website isn't dead


  18. EvilActivity

    Donuts, bad accents, pig parties and other ventures

    "I want pizza, Conner. Buy pizza. When we get to my place?" "Anchovies?" "No. Ew...." "Not the topping, the chain. It's called anchovies. They make the pies with five cheeses instead of just mozzerella. Like asiago, romano, parmesan..." "That really sounds good for a place that really screwed themselves on the name choice. It's like they want people to think they make kryptonite pizza." "Oh wait... sorry, anchovies is actually a place back in Or...Lan.... shit." "Damn it! Now i want it... what's the matter?" "Nothing. I almost fucking said Orlando without bothering to remember it's just you and not Yasmine." "I don't know what that means but should I feel offended?" "No, I didn't mean to bring up Florida or my other flame in Florida." "That wasn't even the point, I'm bummed you compared me to Yasmine. You can talk about your conquests all day like it's my business and I don't care." "Sorry... it's not like I even have that many more girlfriends, just Yasmine. Everyone else was just a one time thing. I'm wrong about it i know. It's just that these opportunities, I take advantage and then I feel like shit later you know?" Conner was speaking very gently, almost in a manner that seemed genuine and sincere. Caused a totally change in my mood altogether. "I guess I get it... not really...but if I got to travel around and meet one cute guy after another I'd be in the same boat." We where now at my door and I fidgeted with my keys to unlock it. "See you totally get me Will. Everyone else thinks I'm bragging but I only brought it up once. " "But I'd be single. So It'd be different. I wouldn't be in a serious relationship in the first place. " "Like how you're single right now?" I could almost sense a total disregard for personal space as he squeezed passed me through the doorway without letting me through first. "Conner, what the fuck?" "What I say? You are single. What's that look for?" "You're calling me single like it applies to me that way." "Like what way? Why are you being so irrational? You've been single for 5 months. That's called being single." "It's called trying to recover cause my boyfriend died and I didn't-" "Okay I know, sorry.... I only met the guy twice, Steven, it's just that I was sure that maybe you been on the dating market on and off.... not like a boyfriend but just so your not completely lonely. Maybe you're just vulnerable? " "We're grown ass people conner. Say what you fucking mean. You're asking if I'm randomly having sex to fill a void. A void I can fill in just nicely with fried shrimp, chocolate raisins and my 1998 mixtapes. So no. I'm not fucking around." I failed to stay composed with the tears welling up and I briskly sat on the closest chair to tuck my face inside my romper. "Don't cry, I wasn't judging you. I was just curious. I'm the one fucking around, you're the one just pulling it together by yourself. I just wanted to know if we could relate on that level. I wanted you to help me." "Help how? Fasten a shock collar around your dick so you don't keep cheating on Yasmine when you leave town?" No. You want me to have the remote on hand? I can send the signal over via text message on request. No i was thinking, hold on, I can't stop laughing now... "Cause you know I'll do it. You're like my brother but i dont really respect what you're doing. " "Don't say I'm like a brother, it just makes this whole situation weirder. Don't ever say that again please." By just saying that, i think I understand now that you should probably... go home now. "How obvious exactly though? Maybe there's some other underlining reason I don't want to be like a brother. Any other reason. I just need one." Don't touch my legs pIease i was really not prepared for this... "I have been nothing but nice to you. Ive been nothing but protective over you. How do you not know I had a crush on you?" "Because that's just exactly how you treat a little sister or at best the scrawny flatchested friend from middle school that hasn't changed no matter how time or hormonal changes passes. We've been playing the same dungeons and dragons Champaign characters for 7 years. I'm Deidre the Derailer, you're Tiberius Lanceheart. That's us, and I'm calling a time out cause I'm having a metabolic acidosis for real time. Don't touch me." "I don't understand, why did you tell Cynthia you where into me? Was it just your personal secret?" "I didn't! She's a rat!was this today!" "What the fuck? Ugh... I thougth she was trying to do me a favor. " "You better just go, i think she set you up. If she's talking to Yasmine right now...." "Jesus. Fuck." "Yeah you almost had sex with me, cause Yasmine is on the rag or something, oh the horror..." "Stop it. I wanted a real relationship with you!" "Does your real girlfriend know? Because that's not how you start a real relationships with someone. Stop trying to hold me, you creep. Your just trying to take advantage." "Fine, I'm going home. But we could talk about this later. We got baggage and we should sort that out first. I don't wanna leave things like this. Try to hear me out next time. " "Whatever go home. you didnt order a pizza to wait on anyway. Leave..." "Did you still want to get pizza?" "No! Get the fuck out of my house you fucking idiot!"
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    Is anyone alive? :P

    I am.
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    Is anyone alive? :P

    I am. :D
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