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  3. Lol...Guess it kinda shows how much personality I had. Either you fucking hated me or loved me. Well I know it was so long ago now...but I apologize for my actions back then. The problem was trolling people on this site became so entertaining....it actually caused me to actually mean the shit I was saying. It wasnt jokes anymore....it was just me being cold-hearted as could be. It took me such a long ass time to realize this. Im very glad I did see what ive done and said to people...because god it could have made my life much much worse lol. Im very glad i changed after all this time....I mean
  4. Scribe, Zach, Dell, uhh when Dell first made it a lot of the old regulars came in like Dan, Dani, Becca, Jem, Sophie, Reza, etc but idk their disc names so idk if they're still in there/active or not because none of them have said anything in a long ass time Lol. The only ones that say stuff is me Dell Scribe and Zach. I hated the site died though i liked these chat sites that were popular in the mid to late 2000s, small niche sites designated for specific cultures and chats to talk to each other Lol but with that comes grouping of people and conflicts of massive egos. After this site died i w
  5. honestly? it did go pretty quick after you left lol you were mean to me a few times, but it was pretty funny. idk, you were the best "troll" on here, it wasn't the same after you got banned lmao i'm glad you've grown as a person tho lol everyone loves character development ahaha
  6. Yeah I was kinda the ring leader of that whole mentality. I wasnt nice to anyone at all....I would tell people to cut themselves...and all kinds of horrible shit. It took me til i got banned to realize how much of a fucked up person i become and how massive my ego really was. The Family Members was all around a bad idea...it just showed who the cool people were. If you didnt have that nice green family member title on your profile you seemed less than everyone else. So yeah everything you said makes sense. The mods here....hmmm LOL where do I even start......I mean Kieran/scribe was the b
  7. Yeah pretty much but it had been going downhill the year you left anyway, it was just a combination of things mainly the fact that there was a hierarchy on the site amongst the mods and family members Lol everyone acted like there was a certain group of elites and if you weren't cool amongst the judgemental retard mods then you were lesser than shit. They'd shit on the new people that came to the site as if they were above them in some way causing the newbies to not want to be in the IP chat. Then the IP chat was taken out it really sealed the fate Also Emo/Scene kind of died and people g
  8. Lol I 100% deserved the ban. I never actualIy cared that I got banned...It was prob the only way to make me go away for a long long time. I was super super toxic. And I apologize to any of the people i was super mean/toxic to at that point in time. I didnt see it until way later after the ban...! Hope all is well with you though. Too bad this fucking site is dead....willing to bet it died in less than a year after i banned HAHAHAHA
  9. i'm new at digital art, so i know it's not GREAT, but!!! the mirror one was one of my first with the drawing pad and the orange one was one of my latest attempts. progress is progress, even if its kinda slow (i just started in april)
  10. oh my god, i remember you! you were funny af lmao i remember the day you got banned too 😂😂
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  12. Which of you Emo/Scene people on this site are from New York State or Massachusetts or Vermont?? Because I want someone to hang out with. I’m 27 and Emo. So please be in your 20’s like me! My Kik username is ore0thepanda but if you are a creep, I will block you!
  13. If its the same scribe im thinking of....i fucking hated him since i joined this site lol
  14. I’m 27, bi. Looking to chat. If you’re Emo in your 20’s, hmu. My Kik: ore0thepanda
  15. UPDATE: I just realized I posted this under the wrong category! I didn’t realize I was still under the same page where I made my previous post! I feel so stupid. Although, I can’t find the option to delete this post. So disregard!!! Never mind....... I’m 27. You can message me on Kik if you are an Emo person in their 20’s. Guys and girls are both welcome. I’m bi. However, my Kik username is in my profile. Check it out! I won’t post it right here.
  16. You’re never too old to dress Emo. Don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise!
  17. Old man Frank how u been Yeah Zack and Mr scribe are still active though and I'm pretty sure their the oldest so you shouldn't feel that ancient I'm chilling in life currently just gym heavy music YouTube repeat, hope ur alright too and hope you grew your awesome long hair back out
  18. I also feel too old for this site now though....but whatever lmao. I somehow never saw that message...because honestly i would have come back to fuck with people. But im not that shitty of a person like i used to be. But otherwise ive been quite well. hopefully you are too
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