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  2. lol i just got an email and I would also like to delete my account. I don't remember this website, but after going through my teenage years, I can say that holy crap I was a cringe kid Edit: I mean look how edgy I was being with my location. jfc
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  6. Angelhasnowings

    Darkness inside

  7. Grisha is an Amazing singer ❤
  8. any OG members still check this shit? i be feelin mad nostalgic 

  9. asoftcreature


    [ѕσƒткσяє] Photo Series project.(2016-Present)
  10. A shame I've stopped using Discord 😔
  11. there's a discord. people are there.
  12. makes me sad but i still wanna revive it-had to make a new account tho://
  13. oui... i see some conflicting things already as it seems this person is trying to connect DEPRESSION to Emo. i mean a huge percentage of emo's already do that anyway, they already think they can connect mental instabilities and anti social tendencies or a misfit/loner mindset to an AESTHETIC because a lot of young people are STUPID like that but still... the more people do this, the more the ignorance gets spread.
  14. -Bump- well yes i figured since Dahvie is relevant again i'd bump this. oh some of the replies here sure didn't age well.
  15. Yeah, this is pretty much dead.
  16. Emo isn't defying Christianity Lol it's just the way you dress and the music you listen to , listen to whatever music you want and wear what you want it's your body and your choices my dude.
  17. I want to be emo but my parents are Christian.How can I be emo without them getting mad?
  18. Yeah, pretty much the definition of dead but i still pop on the site every few months just for the nostalgia, was pretty amazing when the IP chat and original face of the site was still up but oh well
  19. Hi EmoPuddlers! Is it totally dead here? If anyone is still using it, you're AWESOME! Reply to this if you are. It's too bad if this place if forgotten, EmoPuddle is very nostalgic to me.
  20. Frank

    Happy 2020

    Yeah, same to you my friend
  21. Emojoint

    Happy 2020

    Love and miss u Frank
  22. Frank

    Happy 2020

    Yup this place it's pretty much dead. Please don't get infected with the COVID-19. Xoxoxo
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