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*Relationship Problem*


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I'm in a relationship and I have a problem. I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for over 2 months now, and a couple weeks ago he got drunk and went to a party, where he cheated on me with his ex girlfriend. We live 100 miles from each other but I visit him via train sometimes. I'm going over his for New Years but I'm really unsure whether I made the right decision or not. I like him too much to let him go but the trust has slipped a little. If I break up with him I'll have no one seen as I don't have any friends here and he's the only person I an talk too. I need help!


Should I have forgiven and stayed in a relationship with him?

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Trust me I've beeb there , done that. I forgave him after he cheated on me once. Then about two months later i got a phone call from my best friend saying that he had three other girlfriends . So I dumped him. Trust me I wouldn't forgive him if I was you , but personally that's just me.

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I agree. He is no good. End it. ( I know that is harsh,but he is a cheater don't go back)
If he cared about the relationship between you he wouldn't of done that to you.
I don't understand when people cheat! If you wanted another person why started a relationship.
If you need someone I bet there is more then a few lovely, Intelligent people on this site who would talk to you. Try meeting some new people :D 


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