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Any emo skateboarder Stoners or just regular Stoners?


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I myself im a stoner i love to skateboard

and get high as hell.


i think its more easy for me to skatebaord when im  high cous you fear less

for what is comeing i think.in my group of skatebaording buddies i am the only

stoner skateboarder :3 and im kinda good when im high

my oliies or at leat 3 feet high my kickflips or perfect when i flick my feet the

only one turn turns into triple turn when im high.


i think theres alot of avateges whe nyour high at skateboarding and it feels a hella good too :wink:;



I wana know if theres any other stoner skateboarders are any just regular stoner's :wink:;

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Its funny cause people just look at me and ask if I'm a stoner lol. Yeah I'm a stoner. And yes I do skateboard, i have never skateboard and got high at the same time though.

lol. :D

its easyer to skateboard idk why you just dont have fear are anything for me everything feels slow while im skateboarding ;D

hey try it sometime ;) careful tho ;D

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So you sound like your bragging about how you get high...

I hate people that fucking brag about it. It makes people like Dan and I look bad.

I'm a huge stoner but I'm not going to post a damn topic tread about how I feel so cool getting high and skating around. >_<

As for the skating, I used to.

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I don't think skater is a label. If you're a hobbyist of any kind its totally appropriate to to emulate that into your identity. Like gaming means you're a gamer or fishing on a daily means your a fisherman. Jock, ballerina, bookworm... If its a regular activity I think its fine and not a label. Like you would'nt go and tell a prostitute she shouldn't consider herself a prostitute right? Kinda the same concept.



I can't talk when it comes to the subject of pot i take it medically. But I can say not everyone's gonna like the adrenaline when they take on something like skateboards and snowboarding. We couldn't get my cousin on the cable lift to the zipling without a hit.



Bitch, you always do this! It's just the slow ass cable lift up the mountain! You couldn't even get on a horse in Mexico back in 2009. Smoke a blunt, and keep calm.... And then do some shit that usually comes after those KEEP CALM phrases that a popular these days...

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