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Did you survive covid?


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Think I had it at the beginning of the year because what other sickness makes the back of your neck sore as fuck on top of the other symptoms, wasn't that bad though never had a fever just no taste or smell on fire throat and felt like ass on top of the sore neck. Sucked but wasn't the worse maybe cause I got the vaxx 

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47 minutes ago, Melody said:

I don't think I ever did, which is a shock to me because I worked in a customer facing job through it all, and customers are fuckin stupid lol

I once had a lady pull her mask down to sneeze directly in my face

I had to call the fucking police on this woman because she refused to wear her mask properly and started throwing shirts at me after I told her multiple times to keep it on. 🙃

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I had managed to dodge it twice from having direct contact with Covid but then the third time I get got. 
Worst part is that I got it while I had my month long vacation at home, I didn’t even have to go out. Main suspect is my brother because he’s gotten Covid like three times already. But worst thing ever, I’m still dealing w some side effects from it.

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