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Soooo many preps @ my school @_@

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Don't worry, I don't judge them, I'm actually friends with a lot of them! ;3 It just kinda sucks that most ppl don't know the bands I like and think that I've heard the newest "Playboi Cardi" album or whateves his name is XD 

Although it's like- The girls r most of the time preps whilst the guys r like swag although they all listen 2 rap music o3o Ice Spice, Playboi Cardi, all ppl I've never heard of b4 XD

The only rap I know is 3OH!3, Dot Dot Curve, and BrokeNCYDE X'D OO! I like a few Korn songs! Am I swag now~? 7w7 XD

Again it's not like I have a stick 2 pick with em or anything, I just wish there were some ppl who knew the bands I like if u know what I meaNNN? >o< Like, some1 I could talk about music with! Ya that's what I mean! :0

A lot of the preps r actually rlly nice ^w^ And the swag guys >w> I just wished some1 here knew an MCR song other than WTTBP XD XP I showed one a Breathe Carolina song though... HE SAID HE "Kinda liked the EDM"!!! OvO

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