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Nonemo songs


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Its not weird. my most listen to band on my mp3 is a three way tie between Black Veil Brides, Panic! at the disco (which their lead singer, Brendon Urie, has informed the world that they aren't emo and they think emo is "bullshit" all I have to say is that i've seen you wear more eyeliner than I have ever worn in my life so screw you and your emo hatred! but thats besides the point... wait whats the point? oh, yea), and a japanese band called An Cafe. so no its not weird at all.

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Guest crimson-cloverXxX

omg i like keisha as well!

nahh, i like emo music to a point.

i dont like listening to depressing stuff much xD

but i loove metal, techno, rap and pop shiit =D

it's kinda normal i guess :)

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Guest ShannenStonerbox

-Agrees with comment above-



Hardstyle,Trance, And techno does it (:

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