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hair help? D:

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Okay, so my hair is totally frizzy and wavy/curly and really dark.


Does anyone have any tips on how to like tame the frizz and straighten it quickly?

and how to style it with gel/hairspray

'cause I'm really bad at doing anything to it, lol.

But seriously, I suck.

Any tips?


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the best thing you could possibly do......definately use frizz ease by john frida...its shampoo..condition..and all kinds of stuff... AND get a wet2straight straightener for 30 dollars at walmart..it is tottally worth it and works like a charm..trust me =]

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Guest prettypixxie

i want a straigtener :P my mom wont let me get one :(

thats totally stupid! why wont she let you get one????

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