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Err here are my drawings!


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I'm new here so I'm not sure if people would reply to this, but... I'm trying to get over my shyness and open up and stuff. xP Anyways, I've been drawing for 3 years and decided to show off my skills here. Hopefully you'll like them? I just started a new style which means that I kind of stop showing my old drawings and show off my new ones.


Here are my newest ones! I'm starting to draw fanart, so if you recognize, tell me if they're pretty good for fan art. xD Anyways, look if you want! I'd love comments and criticism. I'm kind of shy so be gentle with me. ...Opps, ignore that. ^//^


Here are the links:














Well yeah, that's all for now.

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Aww, yay. ^////^ I don't really show people my drawings recently so I'm a little embarrassed. I'm flattered though. I need more practice with Misa and Light, but those drawings are actually my first time drawing them. That drawing of L was my second try of drawing him. The first was kind of good, but the face and his eyes were shaped weird. xD

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I like--scratch that, Lo<3 Manga, it's how I got my start. x3 I'm still drawing mangaish but I'm trying to draw a little more realistically. I mentioned this in another thread, but I kind of want to start a realistically drawn manga about angels and fallen angels. I wanna practice my chibi as well, they're not that good. xD

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Cloud vs Sephiroth' date='that is one of the best battles,and final fantasy isnt that hard to follow its just different stories of different ppl



I like the battle between cloud n sephiroth on advent children.

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Ohhhhh. Well yeah, I always thought it was just one story with different people. xDDD I never knew it was actually just different ones. I'll try to learn about it then! And aww, Cloud. He was so hot<3 I wish to learn more about him! >D I shall research about this now, thanks for the motivation.

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