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walking with my shadow


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all the girls here are slauts..and all the guys here are mean jerks..i feel alone in this world and feel that my own shadow is my only friend that walks besides me like a friend should.sitting in my room i think to myself whats wrong with this world,or with meh ..y am i rejected by everyone on this planet..insted of pretty am a pity..insted of hope i am dead..show me someone cares, show meh the love thats only to dream of 3

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thanks for your kind caring words..at least theres a nice pershun out in the world like u <3


everything will be fine dear..we've all felt the same at some point and it gets better sometimes..=] trust me

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i asure u im not gonna piss u off :D..whos scribey?


awws thankies (>^.^)>


im pretty nice as long as you dont piss me off :-p trust me on that one! you can ask pretty much anyone here...especially scribey XD lmao

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