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Boyfriend Trouble!?


Do You Like Black Veil Brides  

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I hate the fact that me and my boyfriend are having so many problems. Were long distance, we been together for 2 years, We visit each other often, But things changed once he moved to where he lives now. He doesnt show me as much attention as he used to show me, He started a new job and he comes home really tierd and he goes straight to sleep, I odnt mind it cause i understand hes tierd. But on his days off, Hes always doing something and it bothers me which causes me to be a b*tch, and he complains that i will never change because i am constally nagging at him about giving me more time. Its hard for me cause i dont talk to people that i can really call my "friends" I feel lonely all the time, and Im scared one day i might not just love him as much anymore. I used to be his "princess" hes "everything" we always talked for hours. and now i only hear from him like twice a day, and only talk for 30 minutes or so, cause he always wants to go to bed. This bothers me so much, i dont know how to deal with this, Our relationship is about to end, and im hurting!

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