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im confused


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OKAY,so i met this really sweet nice guy who seem to "like me",but one problem,he hates emo.like the whole package,but he says he likes me for me.im confused........



OKAY,so im bi-curious and theres a new girl in my class who is really hot.i dont know what to do about it,no 1 knows im bi-curious.im confused.....




as u can see im confused on 2 subjects.any advice????? HELP PLEASE!

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Well the guy, if he hates emo dont change for him, stay yourself you may be an exception to him which means he really does like you, but of course as i dont know the guy I cant see his personality, talk to him and figure out if he really does like you


second thing, random girl is right, your sexuality is something you have to figure out on your own

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okk yea the guy thing....NEVER CHANGE FOR A GUY.....so he has to like u for u.....nd the bi thing...if she likes chicks expirement with her...it will let u kno if u even hav a thing for girls at all.....thts wat i did with my ex nd i found out tht im acctually a lesbian....woww!!!

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