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bang bang, bye bye


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just a poem i wrote and am thinking bout submitting into my schools creative arts magazine. advice welcome :(


Bang Bang, Bye Bye


Ah, fuck.

Look what I?ve done.

I see myself.

I see a gun.

I am no ugly duck-



Mirror, mirror

on the wall.

I see myself.

I see me fall.

The end is clearer,



Huh, why?

Would I do that?

I tell myself.

I am a bat.

I am a bat fly-



Flying high.

I suck your blood.

I tell myself.

I am your bud.

I see you cry-



Boo, hoo.

I hurt you bad.

I ask myself.

Why you are mad.

This ain?t no glue-



Bang, bang.

I am no more.

I ask myself.

Why I?m a whore.

The gun is clang-


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