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Are you proud to be emo?


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However' date=' emo is probably the closest label to describing me...and its still far off xD

[/quote'] dork is the label to describe me.


hey, i label tommy as a dork too :P

i lub ju muffin :D


and i dont really consider myself emo. other people do.

im just who i am. and thats how its gonna be.

apparently at my school im a rainbow goth....

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emo is just a label,im me.ppl might say other wise bout me but i shrug them off. But truth be told,i love and support any "emo" 200% because i love what some of them stand for,same with punks and skateboarders!going against the mainstream and just being themselves no matter what the hell ppl might say they are!

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Guest ~SheNeedsMusicAndLove

Emo isn't a style.

But a way of thought and life.

Its who we are.

We're misunderstood.

Fuck them.


Just live and look how we wanna.


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