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i need to talk... anybody


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aw.. im here to tlk we can tlk here or u can pm me... but u thnk ur n love .. how lng have yall bn dating.. and is she moving far away... jst asking cuz it wld help to kno so i can give advice and tlk to u bout it... ..... .... but frm wat i do kno ..dat she is moving and u thnk ur n love.. i feel like u shld tell her how u feel bout her...and try to keep yalls relationship going even though she is moving .. if its meant to b it will all wrk out.. and watever happens, happens to make u stronger and a better person.. if yall work out great... and if yall dnt its jst leading u dwn a road to sum1 better dat is meant exactly for u... hun it will all cum out like its suppose to ..and if u wnt to tlk more jst reply to me post or pm me ... im here always

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Agreed with Iloveges_318.

I'm very sorry to hear she is moving. But I also know from experience that my sorry-ness (dont care if that's not a word) won't fix anything. Seriously though, I am genuinely sorry, and can definitely relate to you in a sense. If it's just the support you need, we're all here. And if you want to talk, pm me, because I care and even of I don't get back to you right away I will gladly be there for you.

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