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why are girls so bitchy?


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Me myself have been wondering over the same thing. There is really many bitchy girls out there. It is just sad. But I agree with EmberHasIt. Not all girls are like that. Me myself am to much a push over' date=' to could ever do things like that. :'p



I agree with all the chicas...not every girl is like that.

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well, the percentage was a random figure, but the majority of guys i know (including me) can be utter ****s but out of those most are because a girl has been a complete bitch to them. Very few guys will just be a **** to a girl for no reason, and those that do should be shot. Just be aware, they may be an idiot to you but it may be caused by another girl being a bitch...

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I'm a girl and I can't even answer that really. I guess it depends on the girl. We're not all like that... :/


yea i agree wit ember hasit... cuz i cant rly explain y sum grls r jst plain bitches jst like i cant explain why ppl in general can be so hurtful and rude to other ppl... but im a grl and im not bitchy unless its d time of the month... but still be as nice as u can and u will find dat grl dat ant bitchy.. promise .. cuz there is sum good ones out there... jst forget them bitchy grls cuz they are low lifes and need to b forgotten so they can feel the pain and sadness the give to others...

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