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have you ever felt like you dont matter!!??


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Er, no!

I've definitely felt like I don't matter, I've felt like a burden, always in the way and never helpful. And I'm not religious or anything, but I do think that we're all here for a purpose, you know? That purpose doesn't have to be big, like being president or swimming across the Atlantic ocean. It still matters, no matter how big or small your part is, you're still valuable.

and I'm sorry about military school :heart:

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i always felt like i dont matter except when im around my only 2 friends in the world. itz sad, i luv them 2 death, but i think theyre ready to ditch me except the 1 friend whos my locker partner. i just hate it so fucken much.

so ya, i feel ur pain. except bout military skool... and sry bout that 2.

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That really sucks. But don't be a pussy learn from it shove it in your moms fucking face that your not nothing (your not btw)

Usually when parents say shit like that their either

1) fucked up themselves

2) had a parent(s) that said the same shit to them

3) have no purpose raising a child

4) just a straight up no fair life sucking cunt

5) really want to help you (best way they know how)


Don't let what anyone even your parents say bring you down.

It's pointless to let them suck the life out of you

Parents playing "God" goes way back just do your best until your 18

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