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dude huh?? :(


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well im an only girl with 5 brothers

3 are my real brothers and 2 are my half

the 2 that are my half brothers i didnt know about until later on like when i was 7

why dont you and him just spend some time together and get to know one another

ask each other questions and try to relate with one another

dont be afraid

he is your brother

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hell yeah where has he been him whole life?like what the hell was my mom thinking lying to all of us like that?where the hell did this kid come from?????????? last night i didnt sleep at home cause i didnt know what to do with him in the house.now i came home and its akward.my mom is trying to do everything she didnt do for this kid his whole life..dude.......my middle bro (black hair) is okay with him now n my oldest bro is still alittle not so sure but they are both talking to him....:(ahhh! y the hell is thiis dude my bro!???

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