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I was used. What do I do?


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My recent boyfriend had asked me out, then we went out till 9 o clock that night and we're kissing and making out, then the next day at school, he dumps me. And now he's dating my best friend/sister. I don't know what to do. He's in one of my classes and sits next to me and........ i just can't keep pretending like I'm fine. Help?

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Guest xxRisikaxx

get angry, not upset. just be a bitch to him and im sure he'll get the idea that its not ok with you. :( thats what i do

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Guest Aledrain

haha i'll try doing that! But for a while I'm not gonna be too happy. I mean' date=' it hurts me to look at him :\\



I say get revenge. Or let things be and say lesson learned.

For one, your friend isn't a very good friend if she knows what he did to you and she still wants to talk to him too.

And for the revenge....Pretend to forgive him, and continue to pretend to like him. Act easy, like you want to fuck him or something, then when he's hooked on you, you break it off with him. And verbally bash him infront of other people by saying how little his dick was and what a bad kisser he is.

It'll be the worst kind of ego blow you can give him.

It wont be easy, but I think thats the best route to forget him and move on.

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Well, guess i'm guy number 2 to give advice from real life experience.... Get Revenge. Not the whole pretend you want to fuck him type that aledrane was talking about but over act to it. Tell everyone you can the horrible thing he did too you (tears help). Get your friends on your side, isolate him. If you do it right, it couldn't be sweeter.

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