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--scars on my heart--


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[align=center]theres a bullethole through my heart

you shot me with words from the start

calling me worthless, pathetic, naive

because you're lies i wouldn't believe

you had yourself fooled thinking you had won

but i knew the battle had only begun

i don't know why i fell for an ass like you

to be completely honest i have no clue

but i stayed with you until the very end

and by then my heart i couldn't mend


you sunk a bayonet right through my heart

you're mindless actions were a piece of art

you thought i didn't know about each kiss to her

you thought i didn't know you're unfaithful slur

i know you kissed her once, i know you kissed her twice

i know now that you lied so just take my bitter advice

go push youself off a cliff, jump in front of a car

i wont cry over you anymore, my heart will heal and scar

each scar on my heart is for each action you took

each lie you told me, each touch, each look.


you know you can't hurt my heart anymore

i'll keep it protected, away from you i swore

you know now, you're dead to me

i see you on the streets, but it's not you i see

i see a different person now

the person i knew long ago said ciao

the person i see finds pleasure in other's pain

and in life he has nothing more to gain

so hang from the rafters, catch you're life in a snare

sit and spin you bitter fuck, like i said i don't care.





[[crappy poem, i wouldn't ever actually wish death on anyone EVER, but i was just really upset and i was writing and this is what came out.]][/align]

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Guest rawr.ima.dinosaur

lol yayyyy


ooooo that ones kinda cute too but when he found out he got busted he probably went O.O and then his mom started talking so now hes all like v_v

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