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Hey, what an insane world we live in.

Cool Beaans

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I admit I have issues.

I spend a lot of time over thinking everything that I do.

I don?t accomplish much because I second guess myself and let my failures get the best of me.

It's a small price I pay everyday watching these little creatures play...

With a numb tongue I'll watch and be just as wicked as the demons themselves.

I can?t remember a time when I wasn?t paranoid about something

which upsets everyone involved with me.


(Please, oh God don't even look at me, being invisible is a passion

an obsession of mine. It must be a sickness. Whenever no one's around

Look at the messes I can create.

When did things get so far out of my control?)

Everything I did back then up until this point was never good enough

they love watching it build inside. They love this. How it kills me every time.


I can't trust you, I can't even trust myself.

If I can't even believe in me I won't ever believe in anything else.

ha, I must need help. I don't need you, your advice, I just need time

why am I the only one that seems to believes in the strength of time?

I?ll be as straight forward as I feel today

but everyday I feel something different. I?ve slowly been falling apart.

The enemies inside my head love picking apart the pieces and stitching nightmares inside both of my eye lids.

I'll admit I have issues.

But I'm not the only one. Look at all the people running away from themselves.

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