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What's yer favorite article o' clothin?


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Guest rawr.ima.dinosaur

black skinnys (obvious reasons there the bestest)

or red tutu lol (i dont know why i like it honestly)


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SO. It's 34 degrees currently, snowing like Jesus is pooping out little powdery ice cubes, and I'm pretty damn bored.




What's your favorite article of clothing? Anything that you wear on your body.


It can even be a Fire and Ice condom.


And... Why? :(

skinny jeans fo sho

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mine would be my red and black striped t-shirt (it's so comfortable, and i love stripes.)

my red, white and black tutu, and my black and white striped tights. for the shoes, either my monster boots, converse, uggs, or knee high converse. and my vamp necklace and my jack skellington necklace. :)

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