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Giving advice.


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Hey i havent been on in a while because of a certain incident .. but thats another story =P ..


Any way i was wondering how i can give good advice to people? I really need some help on how i can do it successfully cause i really want to help friends and people but im terrible at it =( . some times i even make things worse.


The night my best friend killed herself i was trying my best to help her out and give her good advice.. but i failed her.. i failed cause im pathetic with helping out .. and advice..


please help...

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*Hugglez chu tightly* 3:

Well' date=' I think I suck too, but what my friend does which tends to help me is the way he gives advice is by stealing quotes. So, he tended to know quotes that would fit situations that helped.

Ahh, I don't even think I'm making snese. Dx



Thanks for the hug =P

Dont worry it did make sense to me =)

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You should have experience in the field you're giving advice. If you dont have any, I'd remind the person you're advising that it's merely what you think, and they dont have to take it.


If someone commits suicide, Its highly unlikely that any amount of unproffesional advice or persuasion can talk them out of it. It's never your fault, even if they blame you.

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