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What Makes You Special :3


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from what the title suggests,tell something about yourself that makes u you or special,like something u can do that others cant or a special attribute u can do.


wat makes me special is the fact that i am double jointed and very limber/flexible,i scare and freak out ppl all the time when i move my arms and legs into weird positions its so funny at there expressions,my nickname on the tennis team is gumby cause of it lolXD

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a dogs shoulder blades? could you explain that a bit?


so my shoulders were in pain evrytime i sprinted so the doc takes xrays when he gets the results hes baffled he has nevr seen any thing lik it so he shows it to some colleagues, one of them was vet and said they resembled dog shoulder blades when i move my arms to and fro, they rub against each other, resulting in burn, so yea

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Guest Aledrain

Hmm....what makes me special is a I'm a failure at perfection. I want everything to be perfect and when I'm half way through making what i want perfect i give up cause its too much work. So maybe i'm just lazy? Idk

I'm impulsive

I'm a kleptomaniac

I paint/draw pretty good

I can think of nothing while thinking of thinking of nothing

I can fall to sleep virtually anywhere

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wat makes me special? Damn, idk. Well, Im like, always warm, I really tall for my age and slender and resemble a bony figure and my shoulder blades always itch all the time so I think I kind of resemble a bird... hmm... and wat makes me me is that i can eat a whole gallon bag of carmel corn in about an hour and I hardly gain any wait. xD

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