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On ep ive always been honest with you guys . And please no one of the admin delete this. But ive got a problem.. or i dont know if its a problem or not..


Im addicted to cutting =/


Im not sure if i should stop or not but i even cut when i happy. Usually twice or three times a day. i just get an irresitable urge.. idk if i should stop or not.. I find it incrediabally hard =/ .. I just love the feeling of it slicing into my arm and the blood tickling down it and the pain.. but i know i shouldnt be doing it.


Im so confused =( . what should i do?

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Hey guys, simple tips that i used.


one, limit the time of day when you allow yourself to cut. I.e. tell your self that you can only do it between say 8 and 9 at night.


two, keep what ever you use in a hidden place in the house that requires an effort to get to, or requires you to walk past most of your family on the way to your room or whatever.


three, tell someone and explain why you are doing it that time, work out what is giving you the urge.


four, try something else first. Like a run or something. I try parkouring around the neighbourhood coz that gives me a rush and that and it can reduce any need you have.


This isn't a guaranteed way, but it's pretty much what I did and I stopped after a week or so and then it was like once a week, then maybe once in the last two months?


Also, don't give in just because u'v done it again. just try and go longer the next time. Hope this helps...

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It's ok, I can't guarantee that it'l get you off it tho, just that it might help.


Important: Don't expect to stop over night. I doubt you'll know when your last cut will be, or realise at the time but after a few days or weeks ull be like 'huh... i havnt cut :D' and trust me, that feels soo much better than cutting in the first place

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try playing DotA instead! =D its way more addicting than cutting! =))

love could also solve your problems

or think this way' date=' how will you hide the scars? you will always have a hard time hiding the scars


Yeahhh, DotA!


Annnd I've recently stopped cutting, you need a crazy strong motive. Without one trying to stop is pointless.

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i was addicted to cutting. the way I stopped was over summer break last year. Im just like, ok, this is ruining my life and Im constantly getting picked on 4 it. and suddenly i just stopped. Sometimes I feel like I just want to fit in and suddenly, when I thought of that, the razorblades stayed under my bed. I don't know if that will help you but if it does, tell me. I hoped it helped. And when I want to cut again, I listen to music or play my clarinet or bass because music somehow always soothes the soul

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Gee... Thank You so much every one =) ... This is kinda amazing i feel different now =P . yesterday ive gone down to once a day so i think im on the road to getting of it =) . Thank You all so very much. This means alot to me =)


Awwww :]

I realize I gave hardly any advice at all... Ever tried using rubber bands?

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