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By: Amanda Augustus



Sometimes the only thing you have to live for,

The only thing worth breathing for,

The ones who help you up when you fall.


They never stop making you smile,

Always standing by your side,

Even when the rest of the word is against you,

They are the ones who truly care.


They break when you break,

They cry when you cry,

And smile when you smile,

A true friend is always there.


They?ll heal your wounds with their love,

Find the light, when you?re lost in the dark,

And help you make it through each day,

With smiles, laughs, and lots of love.

Dedicated to Jose Rodriguez

I wrote this for Jose because he wrote me a very sweet poem when I was feeling down.


By: Jose Rodriguez

Amanda, a beautiful name is it not?

my love was bulletproof, yet i got shot.

Mandi, a dark beautiful mystery.

a girl who can actually see through me.

gorgeous eyes that pierce through my lies.

my heart breaks when she cries.

lips like an angel, eyes like like a godess.

this girls looks are truly flawless.

i love for you burns hotter than my hatred for mankind.

our love could make the world go blind?

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