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How Can I Stop One Of My Bestfriends From Being Abused.


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Her Names Maria We Know Each Other For 5 Years Were Close As Ever, She Tells Me Everything Her Dad Abuses Her And It Makes Me Cry Alot It Makes Me Feel Like Shit Because I Cant Help Her, She Has So Many Bruises On Her I Dont Know How She Keeps On, Because Im In Pieces About It And Its Not Me, He Recently Broke Her Arm And He Was Being Nice To Her He Told her To Lie To Everyone Saying She Fell Down The Stairs She Even Said She Fell Down The Stairs To Me, But Then She Told Me The Truth Like A Minute Later. When Her Arm Was Ok He Was Back To Being A Prick , Her Brother Even Hits Her & I Knocked Into Her One Day And He Answered The Door I Told Him I Would Beat The Crap Out Of Him If He Ever Touched Her Again(hes 13teen shes 14teen) , Her Dad Came Out And Told Me To Go And Never Come Back The Way He Said It Scared Me, She Always Has To Knock Into Me Now Because Of That.(i cant knock into her anymore) Its Sad Because When She's With Me She's Happy, With Her Beautiful Smile, Her Teachers Even Know About IT, They Try To get Him Away From Her But Nothing Happening Her Dad Doesnt Give Her Money And Tells Her You Worship Satan Because She Listen To 30Seconds To Mars Her Favourite Band, rock & metal <3 Right Know When Im Typing This She Could Be Getting Hit And She Lives With A Step-Mother Who Tries But Nothing Happens No Ones helping Her , Maria Even Robs Because She Doesnt Get Money Or Lunch Money For School And She Got Caught She Told The Police Or Gardai She Would Pay It All Back , She Was In Tears And So Scared And They Said No You Cant You Suffer The Consquences Then Maria Goes Please My Dad Abuses Me He Will Probably Nearly Kill Me..... And They Said She Deserves It She Was With 3 Other People That Day And My Friend Sophia Was Their With Her She Wanted To Say Something Because She Doesnt Take Crap From People But They Were In Enough Trouble , she tells me she wants to kill herself sometimes and jump out her window (he takes her posters , cd's , ipod & she fights with him can you imagine a man fighting with a girl who's 14) i cant loose her i really can't :'( i try making her happy im even buying her concert tickets to go see my chemical romance with me at the 02 .... but thats not good enough...... nothing i do is.

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im in a similar situation with my friend who has to live with an older brother who abuses her to the point of stabing her and smashing her face into walls and tables and one of my other friends who lives with a stepdad who rapes her and almost killed her with a gun and the abuse keeps going and her mom wont believe her when she comes to her begging for help. i dont know what to do either because i have said that they can move in with me but they cant find the courage to leave the situation because they have been beaten down so much. i have tryed to tell social services to help get them out of the situation but my friends freaked out on me and accused me of trying to break up their familys. i dont know what to do either. i have to go to school and see the brooses and cuts and stab wounds on my friends and know what they are from and i dont think theres a thing i can so about it. i know how you feel.

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kiddo, your doing so much already. just being there for her :D

you really cant do anything much more.

but you sound like an amazing friend.

and try not to bring it up. try to just ignore that :)

because if she deals with all that already then when she goes to school try and get her off the subject and keep her off the subject. just keep smiling back at her :)!

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