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  4. Taking on seven years The holy ghost had left alone Test my arms, kick like crazy I've been trying way too long Only push the way off to fight you Now I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm not sure Getting off my chest The story ends I would find a way without Tell him his eyes see too clear I would find a way without you Tell him his eyes see too clear That mistake was gold I know that without you It's something that I could never do That was why Staple the eyes and Seven dates for me to sell machines and tear on
  5. guys wtf is sez i dont have and sex am i poor? my friends have a lot🤢
  6. is the discord ever used still? also we've made it to 2021
  7. No big deal. You just get to play the long game. If you have options. Get some options.
  8. Has anyone listened to Black Veil Brides new song Scarlet Cross yet? If you haven't check it out. You will not regret it. 

  9. nvm i just experienced my first depersonalization episode and created a monster instead for a few days lol im good now

  10. not 2 be dramatic but i am miserable lol rip

  11. i mean i GUESS i deserve to be alone,,,its not like ive done anything to deserve anything else

  12. yall ever feel fucking useless and broken

  13. Getting too old for this 

  14. back in california finally lol it was nice visiting family and friends. but now that im back home i realize my house is cold and empty and that fuckin sucks 😕

  15. I am loving the new look on this site!

  16. ive beeb having a lot of fun in washington. it feels good to reconnect w old friends :) also my outfit today was rlly cute so i will be sharing ft. my lil sisters roomSnapchat-178735810.thumb.jpg.cbb6a2b70493e2b1188d7d7aa314583b.jpg


  17. EP making a comeback? 

  18. asoftcreature


    [ѕσƒткσяє] Photo Series project.(2016-Present)
  19. have 2 take emergency leave bc my dad broke his ankle and my mom is struggling hella so ima be up there for a couple weeks. hope everything turns out well



  20. fuck man i cant wait to be avle to post outfit pics on here but i must wait until my stuff gets here from alaska .-.

  21. i had to take my little weenie dog Bandit to the vet today :( fucker cost me a lot of money but im glad hes gonna be feeling better :) hes supposed to be going up to washington in the next few weeks 

    also on a different topic,,,i didnt realize i still had my fabletics membership going and it kept adding credits every month. long story short i got like $600 worth of items for free and im p happy abt that



  22. Glad you're still alive chief
  23. i think im gonna stay active on this site for a while bc its good just to have a place to rant or say stupid stuff without anybody who knows me irl to be like "ur annoying shut up" or just ask me if im okay if i post something sad

  24. i was able to stretch my septum again today before work so that was really nice :) its a 12g rn and my goal is 4g. ive also been designing the general idea i want for my chest piece. the real struggle comes with trying to save money. not that i dont make a lot bc i am blessed enough to have q good paying job but just bc im a reckless spender and dont know how to chill and not be so impulsive

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