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  1. there's a discord. people are there.
  2. relationships are not worth it. just dont bother. be a thot and have fun.
  3. admin

    BVB or MCR?

    nope. all of it. just nope.
  4. admin

    New blog feature?

    There's a new blog thing. If you can figure it out, neat.
  5. Join the discord? Click the chat link on the website. http://emo.chat <- this link works too :3
  6. hulu, plex, and netflix. why bother with TV? having all the streaming services is still cheaper and less ads.
  7. admin

    Henlo :3

    join us in the chat? http://emo.chat ?
  8. It is no secret the website has been stale for the last several years. What should we do? Should we shut the doors, or attempt a comeback?
  9. admin

    I miss it...

    The chatango chat is back! Check it out. Click "Emo Chat" at the top of the website
  10. admin

    I miss it...

    Shame. Really is.
  11. admin

    SnapChat names?

    Should i create a space on everyone's profiles for snapchat usernames?
  12. admin


    why is this picture not bigger?!?
  13. admin


    yeah i really cannot explain it. it just seemed to work. i like gummybears.
  14. I agree. Threads asking for a hookup, boyfriend or girlfriend will be deleted.
  15. admin

    Alexa's Photo1

    If you took this picture its really good I would love to see more pictures of landscapes from you.
  16. I think you should get your hair longer. TBH.
  17. i concur, Emo is a type of music, at least originally. but it seems it has been perverted into something that it just simply isn't. You could i guess class cloths as Emo, and things people wear and do as Emo, because we do class things that pop stars and rappers and rock stars do with it. e.g. slamming their instrument on the ground, wearing insane overpriced cloths. (im sure there are better examples)
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