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  1. GAME. Street fighter. Go play before you upset me.
  2. I bought the Manga And stole the guitars He put the speakers in the back of my car She killed her parents I left mine a note I crossed my fingers We drove to the coast

  3. ICE COLD WATER. Because if you throw that on someone they wake up faster than any energy drink would do i can wager. Plus it's healthier.
  4. I will forgot your face like i forget to think sometimes

  5. Thats why i did it Dan. The Nazi cometh.
  6. Honestly it's about changing the name not saying I'm happy with it the way it is.
  7. You know. You can pay to change you're name and even you're house name. So what would you call yourself. Remember it can be ANYTHING. My name would be Dunno. So when people ask what my name is I'd say Dunno House name would be Gypsy Caravan site. Or the Devil play room WHAT ABOUT YOU.
  8. Someone give me some form of pleasure. In the form of entertainment that is not of the sexual nature.

  9. If you like the music and consider yourself to be what does it matter. Fuck what people think. Wear red and pink.
  10. What big eyes you have grandma
  11. Draw Yew Trees they're very good for gave yardy stuff
  12. Sophie you are far to passive. Scream profanities at his name.
  13. Being rushed. contradicting people. Generics. Pop. racists that can't even use their own language. Homophobes. Stupid noises. People who are too easily upset. Pretty boys who spend more time in a mirror than a woman.
  14. Anyone want to watch me playing slender?

  15. Perfect first date. A nice Drink with my mates and her mates so we can get to know each other and have fun.
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