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    Candy Land!:D
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    I make mistakes sometimes... i bite when i'm mad... i hit people when i'm sad... i stab people with pens at school!...!:) i know vampires, werewolves, and zombies aren't real but i love to pretend to be one!:) i might act immature sometimes and i might play too much until it gets to the point where i play too ruff!:P My parents thinks i'm weird... half of my family hates me!-_______- and if they read this i think you know who you are! you know every time when i go to your house you start to talk shizz about me and ignore me!...people think of me as a monster... which i don't really care because i take that as a compliment. But anyways i don't care if you hate me i still have other friends who accept me for who i am, I don't care if u think i'm weird because i am and i'm proud!C: ♥
    i'm proud to be Emily!
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  1. Red highlights? I think so. Yes c:

  2. heyjaeny!:) welcome to emopuddle!;)

  3. Just another day with the same bullshit!:P

  4. My Favorite movie is paranormal activity 1, 2 and 3! sooo goood
  5. Omg u soo good at writing poems
  6. I felt the same pain... no one understands. u just feel lost in the woods with nothing to do or say but feel the pain you had felt before.
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