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  1. Blessed are the peacekeepers, champions of the just.

  2. Breathing. I just can't seem to stop. Lol
  3. Welcome to the matrix. I am no longer capable of enjoying a non-cage free, free range egg. The unborn offspring of free, non-mutant chickens just taste so gooooood.
  4. Fan fiction... O.o Ewwwwww
  5. My initial thought was an inappropriate joke. So, I'll respond with my second thought. Keep on keeping on, and step outside your door. You never know who you'll meet.
  6. Apollo

    The giver

    I smell a Nicholas Sparks movie...
  7. That must explain my perpetual state of singularity. Bahahahaha
  8. I am an adult. My parents are adults. We generally stay the hell out of each others personal lives.
  9. Apollo


    Cherubs! Cherubs are what I mean. Nailed it.
  10. Apollo


    On a side note of nitpicky technicality, I think an actual atheist would not speculate that they will potentially end up in Hell as a consequence of their anti-theology. I mean, don't atheists disbelieve the existence of deities and all thereby attached precepts such as Heavens, Hells, and flying dwarf-baby-pygmy people?
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