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  1. Blessed are the peacekeepers, champions of the just.

  2. Breathing. I just can't seem to stop. Lol
  3. That must explain my perpetual state of singularity. Bahahahaha
  4. I am an adult. My parents are adults. We generally stay the hell out of each others personal lives.
  5. Cherubs! Cherubs are what I mean. Nailed it.
  6. On a side note of nitpicky technicality, I think an actual atheist would not speculate that they will potentially end up in Hell as a consequence of their anti-theology. I mean, don't atheists disbelieve the existence of deities and all thereby attached precepts such as Heavens, Hells, and flying dwarf-baby-pygmy people?
  7. "...but God and me aren't exactly the closet of friends" The closet of friends... o.O
  8. So much laughter. ^Not a useful contribution, I know.
  9. Firstly, that was eloquent. I enjoyed reading it. Secondly, I am not female. I do, however, know this plight well. It's not easy bring a skinny guy. "Hey slim!" "Beanpole, get over". "What's wrong, scrawny? Can't you lift that?" Some examples of shit I hear on a regular basis. It's rude as all get out to make fun of a hefty guy, but it's perfectly alright for them to eternally point out that I am not built like a brick shithouse. And then there are girls that way a perfectly acceptable 140 lbs that constantly tell me "I WISH I was as skinny as you". I am built like a runway
  10. Porn is like photography: Anybody can do it, the greater majority of it isn't good, most of it looks like crap, and it is constantly being produced. That said, I as an adult male enjoy the occasional pornographic entertainment piece. However, videos do not stack up against reality. I've given my thoughts on the matter. Good day, all.
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