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Xxscars&heartzxX last won the day on August 14 2018

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    under your bed XD
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    -_- Ehhh I'm overly in to videogames and writing and drawing so yeas
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  1. Hey something funny I think that due to me not bitching about being alone found me the man I'm with and I'm proud that even 4 months in were still in love with each other and in this time it's hard to find that so anyone struggling just stick in there

  2. MY Head hurts my heart hurts im idk anymore

  3. well it looks like im back on here now hmmm odd how many years has it been

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Xxscars&heartzxX


      i guess after all its been idk how long i still do the same things i did then just more adult about it 

    3. Emojoint


      Yeah, Dell's planning on bringing the site back because it's been dead for so long the chat's now a discord IP chat's gone should be exciting i'm sure you were like in high school when you made an acc like me

    4. Xxscars&heartzxX


      yes i was i was like 14 15 

  4. i am no longer on this account or XXlovely^.^cupcakeXX i am on my account ♥♛♀♛✘MEARI✘♛♀♛♥ so do not go to this account or XXlovely^.^cupcakeXX go to ♥♛♀♛✘MEARI✘♛♀♛♥ i am on that one now

  5. wow I must have been a strange young teen not now though so why do they keep bothering me grrrr they aought to be shameful of how they treat people

  6. i see u love me in the night the stars tell me so i see you look at other girls my anger grows my heart throbs for your ture love i long to hear you again that day never comes so to the stars i tell my secrtes of love and lost and all the pain i feel for lossing the one the only that loved me so...
  7. yeah ik im differnt thtz the beauty of meh

  8. grrrr im geting sick of ppkl sayin all emos do is mope around and cut its ticking me off!

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