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    A place far far away from all this war and hate... A place where all the baby unicorns come out and play......THE END OF EVERTYTHING WHERE THERE IS NOTHING BUT BLISS
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    How would I tell you what I like when what I like and what I love is the same. But what I like isn't as important as what I love but that love means I would have to like what I love as well. So what I'm saying here is....... What am I talking about I don't know what I'm saying lol basically I just love making music and poems and having fun love being happy...
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    United States
  1. What's the point in trying to be happy anymore all I ever do is make people mad at me for some god off reason and I don't even know what I have done to piss them off and they won't even tell me so I guess I'm going to go into my I don't care mode be very rude and tell them to grow up and get over it

  2. What are you exposed to say when your nephew tells you he wants to be just like you when he grows up?? I don't think I'm a good influence on him :(

  3. what exactly is the legal age to have sex unless he/she is eighteen or older and you"re not or if they are younger then eighteen and you are older then eighteen then having sex is legal it's just I'm certain your parents don't like it though.
  4. I sold my soul to a blade, In the hopes of changing my fate, But the debt I paid, Was to forever feel hate. An emptiness so deep inside my chest, A void so numb I wanted free, I gave it my best, But this is inevitably me. A story written within these walls, A past inside these wounds, I can't rise from the falls, I can't help but feel doomed. Perfection is a dream, Safety an illusion, They can't hear you scream, If you always allude them. I sold my soul to a blade, Unknowingly sealing my fate, Watching as I slowly fade, From the withered heart filled with hate.
  5. The "Emo" generation didn't cause the people to hate "Goths" the "Goths" dress style did. Christians just assumed that they were in a cult because they couldn't explain why they were so different plus Evanescence is good music as far as sister mercy and coptic rain I'm not sure who they are but no music should be disrespected because every song and beat the world has sends a message rather it be a stupid one or not and we don't have a right to disrespect it because we don't like it. As far as my label I don't have one because if you put yourself into a label it gives other people the right to
  6. My label is the name my parents gave me when I was born I'm neither emo nor goth I'm a rebel; I don't fit any to any label but my own and nor does anyone else. But we are all awesome and have something in common...... it's all music. Music is what I live for!!
  7. You'll never know my story; Or where these scars came from, But you relish in the glory, Of all the things you've done. You may know my name, And what I look believe in, But I'll never play your game, I won't let you grin. You may see my hate, And know my greed, But you'll never rule my fate, My demons can't be freed. Some things you know, Others you don't, To you I'll never show, You hope I will, but I know I won't. I hope you guys like it and if not that's okay to.
  8. I like it:) I thought the imagery was very vivid.
  9. If you're kissing him/her in public to show someone that you two are a couple that is okay but that's as far as if goes I don't care who you are you should not make out have sex or "have your hands down your pant's in public" it is gross and no one wants to see it
  10. WTF okay that was just creepy and weird and I never wanna watch it again!!!!!
  11. I have been drawing this picture for the last two weeks and I can't get this one little line to go the way I want it to. Ugh it's so frustrating maybe I need a new art pencil lol

  12. My friends call me Storm and my family calls me Rose
  13. I don't understand people we all believe what we believe so why is it when I stop believing in something my entire town goes on a mission to get me saved because "You'll go to hell if you're not covered by the blood of the lamb" it's ridiculous I don't tell you what to believe in so what gives you the right to continuously harass me with all your views and beliefs. If I want to be an atheist I will what right have you to tell me I can't? If you're a Christian I'm sorry but me and God aren't exactly the closet of friends and my religion is none of your concern so if I die and do go to hell then
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