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  1. Yeah, this is pretty much dead.
  2. Frank

    Happy 2020

    Yeah, same to you my friend
  3. Frank

    Happy 2020

    Yup this place it's pretty much dead. Please don't get infected with the COVID-19. Xoxoxo
  4. FRANk mucho gusto !?️number one especial !‼️

    1. JustYourAverageEmoGirl
    2. Frank


      Yo sí, pero I don't get it. Is this still alive? xd

  5. I see you're alive you liar.
  6. I refuse to die as well.
  7. Frank

    I did something.

    Very appreciated, Collette C: Thank you so much <3
  8. Why you so fucking shallow-minded?
  9. Frank

    I did something.

    Hi, well, I dunno if you know me over here, but I'm not gonna introduce myself again, so sorry. xD I'm a musician, at least I try to be one xd, and I wrote a song few time ago, so I want you to gimme your approval and crap. https://youtu.be/DTWM7XXgXFs Yuss, I was yet inspired after watchin' The Human Centipede movie and I'm so heartbroken, so... xddd
  10. Hi. I dunno whatcha doin' here, but this place is dead. xD
  11. srsly. No one in the chat, non-active users...What happened?
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