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  1. I miss my friend :'<

  2. Cwaiggyyyyyyyyyy D:

  3. Don't you worry child, see heavens got a plan for you.

    1. LotsOfLawlz101


      Me like that song :) -sings- Dont you worry, don't you worry, child. Cause heavens got a plan for you. -stops singing- :)

    2. Tigger Str!pes

      Tigger Str!pes

      Nicely Played... LOL... XD

  4. I dont like him personally. Though nomatter what anyone says, even if you think he is a bad singer.. He was good enough to get rich for singing badly? props for that, wish i just had to sing badly to make loads of money xD
  5. To me, i would only insult bands if i think their music has no meaning ect. When you hear a song thats completely unrelatable in every way its hard to understand why other people would relate. There is bands that i dont like but respect their music anyway.
  6. Waffles

    Nice wall

    Yeah, was pretty cold aha
  7. Just got Yashin, have to say that is a rather nice cover May aswell mention Periphery to the list! ALSO
  8. Woah, just listening to the song you suggested Amii, this is awesome, love the vocals and the main riff is brutal. Thank you so much ♥ Yeah i liked that song Snow posted, listening to more of their stuff now
  9. Oh how i love CoF, that reminds me i need to put them on my iPod Will look the other two up now though, any recomended songs?
  10. Oh i love Atreyu some more better known ones Machine Head Lamb Of God Disturbed Iron Maiden Killswitch Engage Megadeth PANTERA! Opeth Rammstein (German metal, start with Sonne imo) Seether (Not sure if it counts but very relaxed, has a vocals similar to Nickleback) Soil Stone Sour Trivium
  11. Okay, so this is how it is.. Metal only! No MCR, BVB, BOTDF ect. Simply reccomend some of your favourite bands, or bands that you think are under appreciated. Just an easy way to find out about different bands and expand your musical horizons So to start with here are a few bands i have found recently that are absolutely amazing. Check them out if you want. If you do not like metal or some of the bands here then try to be mature and not flame other people or the genre itself. As I Lay Dying (Some great guitar work here, would suggest The Powerless Rise album) Darkest Hour (All around my new favourite band) A Perfect Cirlce (really great vocals) Daath (Really technical playing) While She Sleeps (Only found these today but a really good band if you like some proper growls) BeserkerfoX (Mental, just absolutely mental aha) So theres a few to get us started, contribute as you see fit.
  12. The struggle to free myself from restraints, become my very shackles.

    1. LotsOfLawlz101


      Ya know that could be like a piece of poetry. I think your a poet and don't know it. Poems don't always have to rhyme :D

  13. Its gay if a guy likes to have sexual relations with another male, but i dont think it is defined by what color shoes you have. Besides whats the saying.. "Real men wear pink"
  14. Why so serious... XD

    1. EmoGirl123


      .........who's being serious???

    2. Izzybear
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