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  1. sorry to spam y'all again, but i've got another video up, this one on distractions- please check it out, thank you ;D xx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyoca_McUQ4
  2. i dunno. some people prefer a video blog. i do, internet forums dont feel very reall for me and i always prefferred looking on youtube, and know its the same for a lot of people, so why not do it for them?
  3. i do see quite a lot of hate actually... sad but true, but sometimes it feels more real to have someone speak, as if they are directly supporting you, rather than just some text from a stranger, it makes people feel like they know you and so much more supported, and if i take video responses it could make them feel like they have a friend
  4. um like how to deal with recovery, how people react, how to ignore things that people say and like misconceptions, i'll also do video requests so that people can get direct answers without any hate like on normal internet forums
  5. right.... why troll? and ok...
  6. hiya, i'm rannon and i've just created a youtube channel vlog, offering support and information on self harm and recovery, i'm a bit stuck for views, so please check it out if you can and if you like, share it xx http://www.youtube.c...er/rannontalks/ 0 Quote MultiQuote
  7. heya guys, you probably dont know me but i'm rhiannon and thats my point i dont know about any of yous but i came here to make friends with people who have similar interests to me, yet i havent met a single one of you, we all chat online but as soon as we log off we are all seperate again so i'm thinking it'd be nice to have some meet ups for everyone in various places, i'm from england so maybe a meet up in london would be good for all those who live near enough to travel, like americans can do the same for there states or something- i just think it'd be nice to actually chat to you guys- cos you all seem a prtty cool lot xx
  8. hi, i've been thinking lately, that i dont really like myself or who i am anymore. a while ago i got some personal messages from someone who may or may not be my friend, at first i felt angry and sad, but now i'm not so sure, because now its holidays, i havent been to school in a long time, and i've been basically alone with me and i've had a lot of time to reflect. i dont really think i'm good company, because i think i show too much about what i feel, and when i'm upset i seem to want people to care, i know thats stupid but i do, because if someone does it i think i can take the caring from them you know like show people how upset i am and they dont want to be around me, and i'm starting to feel like i dont want to be around me either. i care too much about what everyone else thinks and i just want them to like me, but yet i'm scared to even say hello, and then like some baby i panic when around people i dont know and think things i shouldnt, people see this, its scary its annoying, who wants to be around someone who is too fucking scared to be around them. i dont have any friends and i cant cope with being alone without them, i really try though, to get on with people but i'm pathetic and my efforts are stupid. i do dumb things i vow not to do and i hate myself for, there are things i do that i dont say that make me question what sort of a person i really am and if i can think the people who reject my way of life are bad, what should i think about me? in these messages i got a while ago i'm starting to realise they werent being nasty or horrible they were telling me what i needed to hear. because i have fucked up every friendship i've had and i burden people with shit they dont need to know and i scare people like this person said, i really scare people, i'm the bully and i dont even mean to be, i really hate that and i wish i could be better, more real more kind but i think i cant, because i will always be that person who fucks it up, every time. and i dont know what to do, there comes a point when i feel like i should just stop trying to better and happier and liked, because i am never going to be wanted if i dont even want myself
  9. rannon

    just being me :D xx

    well.... basically its me!!
  10. feeling guilty cos my mum used to be a goth and therefor doesnt care O.o
  11. aww dont be mean people.... but seriously NOT a dating site!!!!
  12. really cool and unique
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