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  1. Oh Gosh Guys...Sorry I Haven't Been Posting But I've Been Busy...Sorry...But I Stold One Of My Drawings For 20$..Not Bad For A 14 Year Old
  2. your thinking about how your about to kick some ass cause your a turtle with a ninja suit
  3. I Hate Valentine's Day..It's Just A Day That Laughs At Single Lonely People And Treats Couples With Love...-_- Such A Stupid Holiday

    1. Legend


      i wanna tear up those Valentines gifts couples get..

  4. can i delete this?,,,,,this is embarrassing
  5. hummmm? well nobody's above me...sooo..i cant show you how it works XD but what is the person above you thinking?!?!?! Just put something random or you could really think about it
  6. Shit..i just saw the forum game thread ...sorry guys
  7. No your probably not an addict....i know I'm days late to answer but what I'm saying can be true: No you're probably not an addict because having sex is meaningful...maybe you're craving something to keep you going. Having sex is for a couple to get closer to one another that's why people always talk about waiting until you get married because when you have sex for the first time something sends a message to your brain and same with your partner and that makes you emotionally and physically closer. That's why you see those girls cry their eyes out because their boyfriend who took their virginity dumps them and they are really depressed. Because they had that emotional bond with them and to break that bond is really painful mentally and ever time you have sex that bond gets smaller and smaller...so no your not an addict your just looking for something real.. you just want to feel that closeness and if you had sex a lot its impossible to have that bond.98 Marriages don't succeed because their partner had sex before them and their physical bond isn't strong enough...just saying...
  8. OKAY~!~! Gentlemen and ladies....and unicorns, dragons, jerks, whores, and of course Cookie Monsters....(anyway!) WELCOME! Too the game that makes no SENSE, and has NO MEANING!!!!!!! NOBODY CAN WIN! Well at least for not to long! OKAY! I bet you'll all Dieing to know the rules@! WELL WAIT NO LONGER!!!!... THE PERSON WHO POST'S HERE LAST IS THE WINNER!!!!get it? GOOD! ANYONE WHO COMES AND POST IS THE WINNER!....So im winning!!!! WO0T! ITS GOOD TO WIN! all you have to post is (WINNER! OR WINNING! OR ANYTHING THAT YOU WANT SO PEOPLE KNOW THAT YOUR THE WINNER!) SOOOOOO! Its useless right? YUP! I LOVE IT! AND DON'T FORGET IM WINNING RIGHT NOW! HA LOSERS!
  9. gosh guys.. thanks! but im kind of camera shy....but i have an Facebook (all you can see is my profile pic..the rest is blocked aka stranger danger) ! Look me up! Hummmm....email is something I should not post here...tell me what you think about the profile picture i got alot of compliments on it...
  10. Hiya Guys!!! Im Jake...or Walter ..Im A Little Shy But Im Gay...But Lately Girls Have Been Some What Pretty To Me ...But Guys Are Mostly My Thing...But I Love You All
  11. It All Depends !!! But If I Have To Look Like Edward From Twilight To Be A Vampire, I Rather Not Go For A Vamp. If I Was A Werewolf...Well....Thats Alot Of Fur On The Couch XD! So Human is For me! Humans are Weak, Selfish, And Stupid.....You Gotta Love Them
  12. Okay Guys Here It Is......Well... I Dont Know If I Should Go With A Guy Look Or A Girl Look.... ...Yeah I Think Emo's Are Hot And I Got Alot Of Compliments But I Dont Know Where I Should Go...Hopefully I Can Upload Some Pictures Of Both Of My Sides....The Girl Me Is Named Walter...And The Guy Name Is Jake......People Say Jake Is Hot....Yet Walter Is Beautiful....So Im Torn....Girl Emo Style? or Guy Emo Style? I'll Hopefully Upload One Of Each Soon. My Profile Pic Is An Old Pic Of Jake...Like 3 Years Ago ...And I Got A Hair Cut...But Yeah Can I Have Some Feedback??? Please? -Love Walter/Jake
  13. I got 99 cookies cause a bitch ate one -_-

  14. Walter Wears No MakeUp :D And People Still Say Im Beautiful :)..awwww thanks guys

  15. Walter Looks Silly On Profile Pictures

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