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  1. An update to the site, nice

  2. Is anyone alive? :P

  3. Y'all. It's been years.

  4. Deleting account

    You've been here since 2012 and don't know? Lol you have to ask an admin to delete it
  5. Y'all. It's been years.

    No u Zach
  6. Y'all. It's been years.

  7. Y'all. It's been years.

    Negative Dell took it out and changed it to chatango even though the ip was better than chatango but oh well also the main page has been removed and takes you directly to the forums, why this page pops up instead of the original purple page
  8. Rebuilding EP

    This place has been dead since 1 the IP chat got demolished 2 all the old originals grew up and left
  9. Is EP dead?

    where are the forum mods when the spammers invade
  10. I'm going to kill myself tonight

    Punk301 haven't seen you in years this sites dead m8 I'm sorry you had to return to this
  11. I'm going to kill myself tonight

    Attention seeker
  12. deleting profile?

    Have to ask an admin can't do it by yourself