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Emojoint last won the day on October 17 2020

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96 'I want some of whatever you're on.'


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    Death metal
    Black metal
    RIP Jack miss and love you bro
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  1. Glad you're still alive chief
  2. Emo isn't defying Christianity Lol it's just the way you dress and the music you listen to , listen to whatever music you want and wear what you want it's your body and your choices my dude.
  3. Yeah, pretty much the definition of dead but i still pop on the site every few months just for the nostalgia, was pretty amazing when the IP chat and original face of the site was still up but oh well
  4. Emojoint

    Happy 2020

    Love and miss u Frank
  5. And you got your old acc back, clutch
  6. I don't think there's a way to reverse it
  7. Immigration is causing the Spanish population to take over the us they're starting to outnumber the caucasians & the blacks Lol illegal immigratiln hooked with the fact every family likes to have like 9 kids the whole us is gonna be latino by 2040 guaranteed Mr scribe
  8. If you ask someone why they dislike Trump the go to answer is usually because he's a racist or that he doesn't care about his wife Lol
  9. They're pros and cons to Trump lemme tell ya but if Clinton was pres we wouldve already been at war with Russia so him being nice to Putin is lit
  10. An update to the site, nice

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