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  1. Scribe, Zach, Dell, uhh when Dell first made it a lot of the old regulars came in like Dan, Dani, Becca, Jem, Sophie, Reza, etc but idk their disc names so idk if they're still in there/active or not because none of them have said anything in a long ass time Lol. The only ones that say stuff is me Dell Scribe and Zach. I hated the site died though i liked these chat sites that were popular in the mid to late 2000s, small niche sites designated for specific cultures and chats to talk to each other Lol but with that comes grouping of people and conflicts of massive egos. After this site died i w
  2. Yeah pretty much but it had been going downhill the year you left anyway, it was just a combination of things mainly the fact that there was a hierarchy on the site amongst the mods and family members Lol everyone acted like there was a certain group of elites and if you weren't cool amongst the judgemental retard mods then you were lesser than shit. They'd shit on the new people that came to the site as if they were above them in some way causing the newbies to not want to be in the IP chat. Then the IP chat was taken out it really sealed the fate Also Emo/Scene kind of died and people g
  3. Old man Frank how u been Yeah Zack and Mr scribe are still active though and I'm pretty sure their the oldest so you shouldn't feel that ancient I'm chilling in life currently just gym heavy music YouTube repeat, hope ur alright too and hope you grew your awesome long hair back out
  4. The king finally returns to his fortress, how've you been Also i messaged you on playstation in like 2018 that Dell was unbanning everyone trying to revive the site Lol People still post on the forums but everyone that we know are in the discord, though it's still a little dead
  5. Yeah its used sometimes Let's hope this years better than last thats for sure
  6. Glad you're still alive chief
  7. Emo isn't defying Christianity Lol it's just the way you dress and the music you listen to , listen to whatever music you want and wear what you want it's your body and your choices my dude.
  8. Yeah, pretty much the definition of dead but i still pop on the site every few months just for the nostalgia, was pretty amazing when the IP chat and original face of the site was still up but oh well
  9. Emojoint

    Happy 2020

    Love and miss u Frank
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