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Status Updates posted by Emojoint

  1. An update to the site, nice

  2. I think it's about time this site just got terminated kek

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    2. DelTFH


      Panthers are gonna go 8-8 and miss the playoffs, sorry but I'm a future teller and it's what happens

    3. Emojoint


      Now Del what about the no lose november of 2015 and going to the superbowl tho

    4. DelTFH


      Don't mean a thing without a ring :^)

  3. Lol Trump2k16 bitches

  4. Niggas be like

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    2. DelTFH


      at this point i just hope cam newton can still remember his name

    3. xXlostinmyworldXx


      How soon will I be self aware?

    4. Emojoint


      @ Del LOL RIGHT?

  5. Why do I still log on after all these years Lol

    1. Baby Bunny

      Baby Bunny

      I ask myself that too lol

  6. It makes me sick how dead this site has become, spam galore in the forums, Chat changed and the new Chat doesn't work on mobile, no regulars, no fam just death and robots.

  7. Oh darn I missed my 4 year anniversary on this site lol it was January the 4th 2012 it's changed a lot all the originals are gone I miss em.

  8. You should really be able to delete photos on here bruh

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    2. Emojoint


      Yeah every single body is gone Lol made a new chat and everything still haven't fixed the about me section though lol all that's left on here are newbies and bots

    3. Erebus


      I joined back in late 2013 and everyday i pop up back on here. Things have changed for this site, maybe alot of the members grew a pair and moved on. Maybe not. But we can always guess

    4. Emojoint


      Well some old members got banned like Shawn but yeah a lot finally got a life and just doesn't come back, which is pretty normal I mean there were some in there 20s still coming here daily


  9. Bring back the originals!

  10. Proud to be a little bit of an original.

  11. Damn I wish that chat was still here, I can't get on that new one on my iPhone ugh.

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