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  1. i love that alien pic ^_^

    1. xXMaii-BVB-ArmyXx


      Why thank you my brother got me it. He's such a darling xP


    2. Dark Light *
  2. His voice freeks me out completely epic though lawl
  3. Something just tapped my bedroom window -scardeness- O.O

    1. XxchristaXx


      omg the samething happen to me but then i want to see what it was and it was bird hit my window . i felt so bad for the bird .


    2. xXMaii-BVB-ArmyXx
  4. Try and cope with it for a little while The same happened with my family..you see there christians and i told my mum i was an athiest i talked to her about it and i said i wasn't comfortable believing in something i don't believe in
  5. KIIIIEEEEERRRRRRAAAAANNNNN........drawing on my self................music........Kieran........................my toy story alien
  6. I'm officially depressed.....Ran out of ice cream... :( Kieran i misses you!!!

  7. ive got loads em Greenday(3) The Blackout(1) Black Veil Brides(5) Bring me the Horizon(1) My chemical romance(7)
  8. The best things to wear if you want to look emo... (Based on the things i wear) Skinnies Converse Pyramid belt Hoodie Band T-shirt Bracelets Necklaces Eyeliner Hair accessories
  9. What is your fave youtube video??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYNdUM2gRsg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QinQAhMxHtg Watch some of them they are just a few of my faves
  10. Harry Potter FO SHO.... Twighlight let me see - Edward- mentally disturbed (he broke a bed D:) Jacob - Pedophile ( Imprinted on a babeh )
  11. Since were im from there are hardly any decent emo/scene/goth/alternative clothing stores so i get all of my clothes from Chaoticclothing.com They currently have a clearance sale on so lots of low prices shizz. They have really nice hoodies on it for girls
  12. Erm lemme see... brown with pink blue and red, blonde, red, pink , black and red, orange and red, green and blue, and now its brown...tadah xP Tomorrow im going to do blue coon stripes at the front
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