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    You should never consider life as something to take very serious, because no matter how hard you try, You aren't gonna make it out alive.
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  1. Sex and drugs n rock n roll... Just go out there and be open to new things
  2. Metules

    I miss it...

    I miss this place when it was up and running. I would be excited to get home from school and talk with people I've came to know and love. I do still talk to a couple but hardly as much as I use too. I don't know, I guess everything has an expiration date on it and things come and go but what stays with me are the memories I have. QQ
  3. you only missed EVERYTHING!
  4. Boy oh boy the memories... 50,000 people use to live here... now its a ghost town - COD But seriously..​. whoa this place doesn't even have an ip chat anymore? crazyyyyy Well shoutout to people who still come here from time and time to see a familiar face and to those new to this place... good job finding this place and I wish you came sooner :/ ​
  5. that ULTRA COUPON HYPERLINK! if you wanna hot date for half the price... click here now
  6. I think what you need is some taylor swift in your life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-4oTOnrfYk
  7. I want a remaster version done for the xbox
  8. if she can't decide, let me take a razor blade to her favorite teddy bear's arm and put some ketchup on it... and stick it in her room at night see and we'll see if she'll reconsider
  9. GG no re maybe we'll have to RSVP in advance to the chat or tinychat for a webcam party every so often idk?
  10. Buy one or buy all here at Thrifty Car sales right down here by the river. We have all you need to say hello world i have a new car. Stop by anytime and see our great selections in stock with our new kia soul just now 399 per month. We also have plenty of who gives a fuck to go around. Sales are going fast so stop in today and make a comment worth mentioning... SIGN UP NOW!
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYsrV3zGd0c
  12. What why is this even a thing? just wha no plz stop
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