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    I enjoy listening and learning how to play music!!!! Its what I live for nowadays it lets me escape from this messed up place!! I also enjoy hanging with friends, and just going out and having a good time. If you want to talk feel free to hmu :) i love talking about music and just random stuff.
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  1. Bored out of my mind:/ all my friends were being lazy this weekend :/ next week tho Im soooo ready Gonna be some scary shit!

  2. i shove the ring thru ur eyes into ur brain.. Kill me with an ipod
  3. OH HELLZ YEA!!!! but its got to be real spicy!!! Do u like chinease food?
  4. ABLE TO SEE!!! im mostly blind in my left eye and hate it:/ Ipod classic or touch?
  5. dam really wow well here infinity/10 hahaha
  6. Pineapple Black or Purple??
  7. m ilo idk wht tht is :/ Do you like ketchup on snadwhiches?
  8. ill fight u with a case of mt dews
  9. asians on the back of a pickup truck sry not being racist there haha its just odd to see
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