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  1. Yeah...

  2. Love the life you live, live the life you love. <3

    Thank you, and Thank you. c:
  3. Aww. ; .;

    I was all like "Russssiiiaa!" and almost teared up when I first saw this picture. Russia is amazing! <3 <3 * .*
  4. xD Kay

  5. Muh Brudder. c:

    Oh jeez. xD
  6. o .o

    Lol, Thanks. xD
  7. Haii, My name is Leroy, Leroy Jenkins.

    lol, Thanks xD And dun be jelly! btw I used Manic Panic It was either shocking blue or after midnight blue when I had it just blue, can't remember. xD
  8. I have some blue in my hair again. o .o

    lol. Thanks. Yeah, blue's my favorite color. And Awesome sauce! c: <3 xD
  9. BOTDF or Jeffree Star? <3

    I love both of them. o no I just can't choose between them. <3 I just love there music in general.
  10. 30 Seconds To Mars

    I freaking love 3o Seconds To Mars, Especially when I got to see them live, they sound pretty much just like there cd's and I love it. My favorite song by them would be Either Kings and Queens, or The Kill. <3 c:
  11. Random Stuff....

    Just some random stuff, of me, and other stuff..xD