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  1. Religion is the social equivalent of an epidemic.
  2. Ohh please Black Veil Brides and Pierce The Veil is considered satanic. Tell them to listen to real "Satanic" Shit Like this www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdkuoyCo3ug and they should fuck off
  3. ........................

  4. I want a pirate jacket and a tricorn hat
  5. pretty much any music that is not part of my genre spectrum
  6. verpissen und sterben [german for piss off and die]
  7. I need a nap all of this precalculus is makinging me so irritable

  8. aww I wanted to correct his spelling error
  9. I don't think I'm really afraid of anything or at least not to any large degree. For example I'm afraid of heights but a few weeks ago I got on sixflags drop of doom which was like 400 feet and I'm terrified of drowning but I still get in pools and I'm scared of the dark because there might be aliens around hiding in the darkness yet last night I literallywas skipping in the dark lol.
  10. I have my ups and downs my best moments are when I hang out with some friends
  11. have to agree plus I just hate humans in general
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