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  1. (i dunno if its any good i just kinda jotted it down after not having much sleep..hope ya like it) I stand alone in a world of oblivion, My heart wasting away to the winds of time. My eyes no longer shed tears. My lips no longer pour out words. My existence feels trivial, but I must move forward hoping i'm not "simply there". I will remain there for years on end watching the world speed by. I will not rest until I have fulfilled my desires. My desire to let the invisible ones know someone cares. My desire to give them the love and protection never given to me. I desire to protect them from the flow of uniformity, Because being like everyone else destroys you from the inside. It eats through your diversity like acid eats through bone. It basically destroys what you can truly call your own. Protecting them is everything but easy, because the latest trends are truly monsters. Painfully, I lose some of the invisible ones. I watch them as they turn into robotic fools. Invisible ones I love so dearly. Gone. In the mainstream flow. Never to return. They have become fools drowning in thier own obsession with popularity. The only thing to do now is let the lost ones drown and fade. I must hang on tight to the ones that fear normality. What is normality anyways? Does it even exist? I pull the invisible ones close to me swearing on my life to protect them. They become part of me and we stand Invisible together watching robotic fools drown in thier river of "normality" while being eaten alive by thier petty trends. Together, we go against them and thier world. Thier world of popularity. Thier world of trends. Thier world of..Normal
  2. yeah and im sure the 60% of mainstream stuff is only going to climb higher and higher and then suddenly BOOM!!!! !PREP STORE!!! and then ill start buying online >_>
  3. yep...it really pisses me off like...really fuckin bad!
  4. haha yeah..im afraid one of these days hot topic is gonna suck MAJOR balls and we'll be buying all our clothes from online stores
  5. depression has NOTHING to do with emo you can be as happy as a fuckin lark and be an emo at the same time...theres a page on the emopuddle homepage that says what is emo...go read it and come back later =]
  6. oh really??? how can you think they're hot when they dont even have a fuckin picture up unless you have the hots for a stick figure??
  7. sounds like they're the ones that need to go die look for you i'd say you are niether just emo or just goth...i think we have a little mixture here which is delightful =] and his name his luke..he's been my best friend for 5 years and over those years he has taken away any of my suicidal thoughts..my pain..you name it and he is helped me..he's been there for me....and he's a gothic kid? yes its true....and its hard to believe that emocutie bitch would hate him for that even though he's the best person you'lll ever meet truthfully...i have a feeling emocutie >_> is a poser
  8. >_> yeah!! what he said!! becauseeee if you're ever out with friends...and jocks come to kick your ass and there happen to be some goths around...slide on over near them..and you are officially protected i used to dress super gothic.. and when i did..no one fucked with me >_> and they'd look and i would suddenly look back..and they would like hurry and glance away while weeing on themselves XD lmfao most people are pure chickenshit when it comes to difference hey does anyone watch america's got talent??? if so last night there was this illusionist named dan sperry and he was gothic and it was AWESOME!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1n7Y9EA17yQ i was scared he wasnt gonna make it to the next round because people dont favor whats different and "outside the box" but he did! i love how he doesnt have the typical magician look =] all handsome and well dressed..well...dan sperry seems pretty well dressed to me lmao
  9. haha in all actuality "i hate them because people think im one" is the shittiest reason in the HISTORY of reasons
  10. you shouldnt listen to her hun because the ONLY reason she hates goths is because people think she is one.. most gothic people happen to be really nice people and i could show you one but im not gonna bother because emo "cutie" or whatever will hate him just because he's a goth but in all actuality he's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet and also you need to find some new friends because it sounds like your current ones are just a bunch of assholes pretending to be your friends..real friends stick by you no matter who you are and you seriously need to take the true definition of emo and shove it in thier asses because it doesnt seem to be going through thier skull so well =]
  11. and those preppy brands can go suck a dick =]
  12. if you're talking about him being hot..he's mine bitch so fuck off...you cant take 3 years and an engagment ring and suck on it =]
  13. actually...have him meet your mom..and have him dress normal...and if he's really really nice she'll end up liking him alot...and hopefully then it wouldnt matter so much to her how he dresses if she knows who he is...she's only judging the shell..not the inside
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