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  1. You should definitely do commentary. I think more people will enjoy your vids if you have commentary.
  2. I hope the problem has been resolved by now xP
  3. Extremadict

    Single guys

    If you're smart, the only bad thing about online dating is being so far from the other person. That's why I don't recommend it. But sometimes it's the only way. Like I've been in an online relationship for almost 2 years now... And that's the only thing I hate about it. Of course I wasn't really looking for a relationship... It kinda just happened. xP there's my input.
  4. Oh, and yes. It does really suck, to answer your question.
  5. Well, the thing is.. You'd have to put yourself in other people's situations then figure out who has it "worse off"
  6. I have an awesome boyfriend now
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