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  1. honestly? it did go pretty quick after you left lol you were mean to me a few times, but it was pretty funny. idk, you were the best "troll" on here, it wasn't the same after you got banned lmao i'm glad you've grown as a person tho lol everyone loves character development ahaha
  2. i'm new at digital art, so i know it's not GREAT, but!!! the mirror one was one of my first with the drawing pad and the orange one was one of my latest attempts. progress is progress, even if its kinda slow (i just started in april)
  3. oh my god, i remember you! you were funny af lmao i remember the day you got banned too 😂😂
  4. kinda just wanna keep this updated so my OG people know i'm still alive lmao


  5. any OG members still check this shit? i be feelin mad nostalgic 

  6. This site brings back memories ???? cringy memories that make me cry. Anyone remember me? No? Same lmao
  7. someone message me damn it! lol

  8. Anyone even online..?

  9. Hardly anyone i know comes on here anymore.. -sigh- i think emopuddle has died...

  10. I'm nice, I guess. I'll be your friend lol (:
  11. I'd throw the llamas at a friggin car
  12. You are the only you in the entire world. Embrace it. —April Boo

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