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2 'Who is this kid?'

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  • Birthday 03/22/1995

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    On my couch in my livingroom looking at this website ;)
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    My name is Makenzie Linn Bates XD
    I live in Oklahoma
    I love all kinds of music if it sounds awesome to me ;)

    My Favorite bands and music are,rock: Avenge Sevenfold,Bring me the Horizon, Creed, Seether, Three Days Grace, Green Day, and Family Force Five ^.^ Country:to many to list lol

    I'm a country girl, have been all my life :)

    My colors are : blue, lime green, black, and blood red X)

    Hobbies are : drawing, music, being outdoors,drinking and joking with and hanging out with friends XD

    I'm a funny, goofy, silly, loving, friendly, easy going person unless you piss me off lol XD :P :P ;)
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    United States

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  1. this place is haunted with dead memories


  3. Song on Fire by Nickleback

  4. The first words that come out, and I can see this song will be about you, I can't believe that I can breathe without you, but all I need to do is carry on, the next line I write down, and there's a tear that falls between the pages, I know that pains supposed to heal in stages, but it depends which one I'm standing on, I write lines down then rip them up, describing love can't be this tough, I could set this song on fire, send it up in smoke, I could throw it in the river, wat...

  5. I ain't gonna eat, I ain't going to sleep ain't going to breath till I see what I wanna see and what I wanna see is you go to sleep in the dirt permanently.... Now go to sleep bitch die, motherf*cker, die uh, times up bitch, close your eyes go to sleep bitch. Why are you still alive? This song is: go to sleep by: Eminem

  6. Devil in I by Slipnot has been my song these past few days I love it

  7. Wranglers are my favorites but I like any jeans that fit just right, I like my jeans loose and comfortable
  8. Between Angels and insects by Papa Roach :-)

  9. My ex showed me this site and I thought it would be cool site to join so here I am
  10. Wow I just turned 22 can't believe it

  11. I think our "Love" is dead... I don't know if I should stay or go?? My heart hurts so bad, I guess no one wants to love me anymore and I should just be alone forever..

  12. I'd be werewolf, or a werewolf/vampire hybrid, I would love to change into a wolf like off of twilight, I love wolves already their so beautiful
  13. Guess this song {Oh My Love Please Don't Cry I'll Wash My Bloody Hands And We'll Start A New Life}

  14. I need sleep, I also want chocolate which should I pick?

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